Green Savings by Architects Bangalore | Press Release

Green Savings by Architects Bangalore | Press Release
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Ashwin Architects Bangalore have made this Case Study on actual savings from Solar Panels installed at their office. This is made down-loadable from their website to help people invest confidently in Green Buildings and reduce their Carbon Footprint.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 25th February 2013 – Huge Savings from Green Buildings with Solar Panels. A case study from Ashwin Architects Bangalore.

Installing Solar Panels Cut Operational Costs

Last year, Ashwin Architects installed Solar Panels in their office premises that resulted in overall savings of about 40% of the electricity bills. The case study available on their website contains advantages and disadvantages that are applicable to residential buildings as well as in office scenarios.

“With the latest solar panels available in the market, we installed one of them at our office. And we are delighted with the results. So here is our experience that others might want to know...” Architect Ashwin A. P. from their office in Bangalore.

The solar panel installation now acts as a ready reference for their clients interested in Green Building projects. Energy savings of 20% – 30% have been claimed earlier, but this installation has reduced average energy billing for this architectural firm by upto 40%. Couple that with the rebates offered by the local municipal body on installations and by the electricity board on monthly billings. Resultant savings over a period of time are the real juice for anyone wanting to reduce their carbon footprint.

Where to get high quality solar panels from?

There are a good range of High Quality Solar Panels available in the market today in India. Right from solar water heater systems, solar street lights for commercial installations to complete solar packages and then PV solar Modules. Eco-friendly buildings are now easier to get made and work out very economical in the long run.

Domestic users can also explore solar packages that consist of LED Lights and other installation items. Needless to say, innovative manufacturers are going all guns at reducing the irritation from irregular power cuts at reasonable costs.

Just Google for manufacturers and suppliers in your area to get some valuable leads and quotes. In case you are looking for turnkey green building construction, feel free to contact Ashwin Architects for expert consultation.

Or download the Free Case Study on “Actual Green Savings From Solar Panels By Architects Bangalore” by filling a short form here -


About Ashwin Architects Bangalore

Ashwin Architects provides full fledged Architectural and Interior Design services from Bangalore in India. The firm commenced its operations to “bridge the divide” between the buildings spaces emerging in the urban setup, and the peoples’ perception regarding that space. Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient manner, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential & commercial spaces.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Ananth with your queries on green architecture, eco-friendly house plans and green building materials.

Company Name: Ashwin Architects

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Address: No. 23, Ratnavilas Road, Basavangudi, Bengaluru – Karnataka-560 004 (India)

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