Upcoming Contemporary Architects In India

Upcoming Contemporary Architects In India
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Ashwin Architects in Bangalore have been designing beautiful spaces since 2003, in India. In a  place where climate plays major role in architectural designs, this firm has created some very contemporary and durable structures.

By Ashwin Architects, Contemporary Architects In India

By Ashwin Architects, Contemporary Architects In India

In India, extreme climatic conditions require buildings be designed for warm environs and colder climates. They require sufficient cross-ventilation and also good insulation. And then there are areas that witness high rainfall, where flat roofed structures have to be avoided. Adding to this, with growing fall in ground water tables, buildings with water harvesting systems are more necessary now.

Contemporary Ideas by Architects In India

While designing a home or commercial building, the main objective would be to create a comfortable, durable and modern environment for all inhabitants.

Contemporary Architecture needs to fulfill all these roles and much more... Here are some interesting ideas that you might want to explore in your building architecture design.

  1. Best shapes - square or rectangular
  2. Exposed Beams and High Ceilings
  3. Walls of hand-made clay bricks
  4. Local basalt for boundary walls, plinths and paving
  5. Plaster finish pigmented by sand if available near site

Ashwin Architects in India believe in building such well designed structures that are well lit, cross-ventilated well, clutter free, space-energy-efficient and ultimately that make people happy and contented.

Contemporary Architects In India - Maximizing Space Efficiency

Contemporary Architects In India - Maximizing Space Efficiency

The best designed buildings allow for a good flow of interior spaces, enhancing efficiency of every square inch of the building. And as the cost of real estate grows, maximizing space - utility ratio would be in the best interests of contemporary architectural design, isn't it?

So if you are looking to build a home or a commercial building, Ashwin Architects in India can contribute with their expertise by:

  1. Relieving you of all architectural design concerns
  2. Managing turnkey construction activities for best results
  3. Enhance results with creative vision towards the project
  4. And in the process save you a lot in construction cost
  5. Increasing value of the proposed property

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