Trends In Housing Amenities For Millennials

Many families are now opting to construct and design modern homes... and many for 2nd homes, that act more like resorts. And smart architects are now looking forward to incorporate unique and exemplary amenities in their modern house designs to enhance resident lifestyles. These house plans are focused on incorporating high-value amenities to make their clients properties more attractive to the higher-end clientele. Plus there has been many trends in multifamily amenities that have come and gone over the years. These amenities make a particular multifamily housing complex more attractive than others.

Show-Stoppers: Amenities, Modern House Designs

Here are some of the amenities to incorporate while constructing your duplex house plan, villas, or other independent style home that catch attention.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Space for Modern Homes | Image Credits: Porch

Outdoor Space for Modern Homes | Image Credits: Porch

Large contemporary outdoor spaces act as an extension of any living area. This is one of the most popular amenities among the house owners as outdoor spaces provide a great mixed-use space for entertaining or lounging. Patios with plush seating areas (sometimes set around a fire pit) are also in demand.

24-Hour Fitness Centers

Fitness Centre for Contemporary Homes

Fitness Centre for Contemporary Homes | Image Credits: Jaymcinnes

Today most people lead busy lives. Waking up before the sun to hit the gym or go for some yoga might not be possible for all. This has created a demand for the luxury 24-hour fitness centre in multifamily developments. The modern fitness centre acts more than a multi-use room with a couple of machines and free weights. These fitness centres resembles an actual gym which can typically have separate dual-purpose exercise rooms for yoga, Zumba or spin class (as per the recommendations of the owner). Sometime homes also include virtual fitness instructors that can aid a better work out, any time of day. Isn’t it cool?

Outdoor Theaters in Vogue

Outdoor Theatre for Homes

Outdoor Theatre for Homes | Image: Pinterest

Indoor theatres are now outdated. It’s all about outdoor entertainment now. These theatres are a fun feature while enjoying a film. Outdoor theatres are the latest trend we have seen emerge over the last year or so. In many of these multi-family developments, the tenants are single, young professionals who are looking for spaces to conveniently hang out with friends. These outdoor theatres can be out by a lawn or a fire pit and are a great way to add to the functionality and features of the lounge.

Rooftop / Party Decks

Perky Roof top Decks

Perky Roof top Decks | Image: Houzz

For modern house designs in urban spaces, rooftop decks are an icing on the cake. They are a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors while taking in the surrounding view. These decks also provide extra room for entertaining people or to just comfortably socialize everyday or on occasions. Add dining tables, barbecues, lounge seating and overhangs to maximize the appeal. It is also fun to add statement pieces - a hanging egg chair, to make the space more memorable.

Golf Simulator Room

Golf simulators have become a new and innovative trend in modern house designs for multifamily developments. Though trendy, this is definitely one of the hottest differentiators right now.

Office Spaces + Conference Rooms

Office spaces in today’s homes are geared more towards the areas that we use to refer to as “Business Centres.” There are typically equipped with Wi-Fi, table space or even open cubicles, sometimes event acting more as a cyber café or e-lounge. Sometimes these office spaces are also provided with conference rooms which can be utilized for meetings without any outside distractions or interruptions.

Sports Bar

The sports bar, much like the clubroom - a place to entertain and hang out with fellow friends. It is all about casual entertainment: a place where tenants can relax, shoot pool, drink a beer while watching T.V. and throw darts.

Including some or more of these top amenities into your house plan is an effective way to elevate the value of your home. It is also a great way to get a complete living experience within your home.

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