Tips to Design Luxury House Plans

Tips to Design Luxury House Plans
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What defines an opulent home? Is it the high class amenities, the size, or the level of details that goes into building it or beyond. Even cosy cottages, ranch style house designs, traditional and contemporary house plans are now trending these days as lavish luxury house plans. So, why not build a luxury home for yourself and bring in an opportunity to live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Here are few tips that you can incorporate to add a touch of modernism to your future abode...

Luxury House Plans

Luxury House Plans for Your Home | Credits: Hubpages

Tips to Modernise Your House

Modern house designs can be improved in different ways. Architectural designs and room furniture, yard landscaping and lighting ideas can dramatically change modern houses. Modern house design trends add chic and luxury to your lifestyle.” Source: Lushome

Building a home is one of the most exciting ventures that begins with a perfect house design. These residential plans reflect design that embody all that is best about high class living. Present day luxury house plans reflect open, flowing floor plans, seamlessly integrated with indoor and outdoor living spaces. Other features include broad, expansive verandas, glass façades, floor to ceiling windows, luxurious master suite, generous guest suite, gourmet kitchen and various other architectural characteristics.


Open Floor Plans

Today's single story modern luxury house plans are the demand of many house owners. They are designed with interesting roof lines, higher ceilings, open floor plans, and other architectural features. Many architects now design open floor luxury house plans that incorporate higher basement walls, daylight windows, naturally bright homes or use new building materials. Such homes are airy, intimate and help in creating an almost ‘Zen’ atmosphere with simplicity.

Eco-friendly Residence

Love an eco-friendly dwelling? Why not incorporate sustainable design features to ensure energy-efficiency, lasting value and a maintenance-free living. There is an abundance of amazing sustainable materials including reclaimed timber, recycled plastic and recycled glass, and other green building products. There are also many natural materials from sustainable sources such as cork, linoleum and bamboo. These materials are quick to grow and should be preferred over hardwood flooring in any earth-friendly home design.

Hues for Luxury House Plans

Choose colorful weathered paint or warm stained wood ... or give you den a dose of nostalgic charm from vintage-look fixtures and fittings. Employ a few hardware, and woodwork details. You will be pleased to step in your house after a tiresome day!

Modern flooring & Material Combinations

Recent modern luxury house plans flooring include patterns and joining terrazzo materials to create an elegant transition. For example, wooden flooring and ceramic tiles or floor carpet and pebble rock surfaces, etc. Fusing two floor decoration materials help you get to flex your artistic muscles and show your creativity. So, come up with an original, simple and attractive floor decor idea by selecting floor decoration materials and design style that match your home decor.

Beautify Interiors and Exteriors with Glass

Luxury House Plans with Glass | Architecture Decor

Interior Design Idea with Glass | Architecture Decor

Glass is beautiful, stylish and versatile. This timelessly popular material creates bright and bold home interiors and exteriors. Glass also create eco friendly living spaces that reflect contemporary lifestyle and architectural trends. Whether used in living, kitchen or bathroom, glass highlights spaciousness and fresh feel of modern houses. Consider installing glass mosaic tiles for bathroom showers and kitchen backsplash designs. Further, glass wall designs, glass room dividers, sliding glass doors and large windows are other ideas for a beautiful and modern luxury house plans.

Whatever may be your perception and vision of a luxury residence, hiring a professional architect will help to craft a home plan that provides you with a space that suits your individual preference.

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