7 Tips To Conserve Water In Villa Plans

7 Tips To Conserve Water In Villa Plans
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Water is one of the precious natural resources we have. And a very little of earth’s water is fresh and suitable for drinking purpose. So conservation of water is not a necessity any more, it is a must today. A perfect villa plan or residential space design with efficient water conservation systems can be a reasonable deal in long run... vis-a-vis a simple villa design. Here are 7 Tips to conserve water in modern house plans.

Luxury Bunglows, Villa Plans by Ashwin Architects.

Luxury Bunglows, Villa Plans by Ashwin Architects.

House Or Villa Plan Water Conservation Tips

About 30% of water in households is used in toilets and housekeeping, 23% is used for washing clothes, 14% water used from faucets, 14% from showers, 10% is wasted through leaks, 6% is used for bathing, 2% is used for dish-washing and 1% is used for other household uses. That means a large amount of water is wasted each day, from every household. Is this justified, you will agree, it's not.

Villas or large residential spaces are considered as luxury homes, and water conservation efforts if made here, can act as motivation factor for others around. And minimizing the wastage of water is required to be incorporated at the house design stage. Not surprisingly, many new house builders are adamant over installing rainwater harvesting, one of the best options to conserve rainwater. And as they can use it whenever required, later. The water collected by rainwater harvesting can be used to for all non-drinking purposes of water.

"PM Narendra Modi stressed on saving water as the country is heading towards an extreme water crisis. PM said that water is essential for our farmers. And hence, summer is a very important time for farmers. All of us have to think about one thing and that is water conservation."

Tips To Save Precious Water:

  1. Use dual flush sanitary ware which can halve the water usage during flushing toilets.
  1. Switch to using buckets when bathing instead of an overhead shower. Same goes to brushing and shaving, a mug of water can be used rather than running tap water which will surely lead to significant savings.
  1. Wash your car with a bucket of water rather than hosing it with a pipe. Surprisingly, you can save up to 80% of water this way.
  1. Install auto cut-off systems when pumping water from sump to overhead tanks. In manual operations, you are bound to lose a lot of water when it overflows.
  1. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden in this concrete jungle, consult a horticulturist or a landscape expert who can suggest plants which consume less water. There are also additives / mixtures available which can retain moisture for a longer time which can reduce watering intervals. Lawns / grass look fabulous but are a huge drain on water resources.
  1. If you are ready to spend some money, an additional sump to store rainwater could be of great use. This partially treated grey water can be used for car washing, gardening and toilet flushing (this requires your plumbing system to be modified)
  2. If you have the dough, then a RO filtration system would even make your rain water potable.

You can save a lot of water just by following the above mentioned tips. Last to share, the world is going to face a major water crisis in the future and every little bit done to conserve water will go a long way.

Having Water Conservation!

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