Time Honored Modern Bungalow Designs in India

Time Honored Modern Bungalow Designs in India
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Exteriors and interiors of a bungalow reflect its physical features and personality. They share culture and lifestyle with that of its occupants, isn't it?

With rapid modernization taking place in every sphere of human living and the technological advancements in construction, bungalow designs are transforming. Patterns in living styles and transition of house designs from traditional to contemporary are therefore unsurprising.

Did you know? Bungalows is derived from the word "bangala" that the British first built in India. They were informal designs used as one-story rest house for travelers. Built low to the ground, the structure had large porches sheltered by wide overhanging eaves, a perfect way to deal with the country's hot, sunny climate.

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Indian Home Designs Are Time Honored, Yet Fresh!

Gwendolyn Wright, in his book USA – Modern Architectures in History has quoted that "American modern architecture is a lively and mutable as quicksilver"*. In fact, the architecture of modern homes in India has been an adaptation from the western dwelling styles. Consequently, these designs were tailored to meet the requirements of the country’s urban lifestyle and culture. For example, the modern house plans for independent bungalows are got more functional with clean and strong lines.

Later influenced by clients’ requirements and expectations, building designs confirmed to vastu elements and feng shui guidelines. Furthermore, the modern house designs in India incorporated the unexpected traditional touch within these orderly and contemporary designs.

As a result, house plans in India are an amalgamation of house types, surrounding ambiance, lifestyle, aesthetics, family status and budget.

Modern Indian Home Designs by Ashwin Architects

Modern Indian Home Designs by Ashwin Architects

Variety in Indian home design plans

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Modern Farmhouse Plans and Large Home Designs

Given that the farmhouses are frequently visited by large group of family and friends; designs of contemporary farmhouse and holiday home essentially include larger floor plans. These house plans designs include bright kitchen and large living area, with special attention given to quality comfort level.

Bungalows Design Plans and Small House Designs in India

Luxury Villas – Contemporary Designs

Indian Home Design Plans by Ashwin Architects

Traditional bungalow designs used to be simple with little decoration. Materials used were mostly stones and wood available in nearby ecosystems. Most of them had front porches and verandahs.

But in metros of today, architects need to be very conscious about space deployment while designing the floor plans. For example, one of the main challenges for a duplex house design in India is optimal utilization of the given areas for a more spacious and open feel.

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However, in ideal conditionals, modern bungalow designs are well suited for the clutter free urban living for metros. No wonder the demand for affordable yet beautiful modern bungalow designs is sky rocketing.


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