Well Executed Dream Home
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Since it can be said that humans are generally creatures of habit, the state of a person’s home has been known to physiologically influence their behavior, emotions, and overall mental health – Having known this, it was almost unthinkable of not hiring an Architect for our dream home.

Looking back – approaching Ashwin for this job of architecture was one of good decisions we made. All our specific home needs were met in his design an in fact from paper to on-field work was nicely and well executed.

For people wanting to build a home we strongly recommend Ashwin Architects, and do visit our home to see the amazing work he has done catering to our needs.

Ravi Lakkundi,
Principal Engineer,
DSP CoE Lifestyle Engineering
Harman International

Ravi Lakkundi, Principal Engineer, DSP CoE Lifestyle Engineering, Harman International

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