What I liked about Architect Ashwin: He has sound knowledge in his subject. He communicates well with the customers. He brings clarity on the Architect-Customer interaction process. He tells the stages of payment unambiguously. He encourages the customer to give their requirements than a design. If customer has some specific constraint on design, he takes it in the right sense. He nicely explains the Pros & Cons of various approaches. He makes evolutionary approach to move from Line Sketch Diagram to a detailed plan and structural design.

Through pictures of Elevation, 3D diagrams and virtual walk-through features, he makes the customers to visualize their dream house. He gives importance to all the minute details of the customer requirements. He handles the issues (if any) between the builder & customer very nicely. He acts as Arbitrator when required and takes care of the interest of the Customer & Builder. He makes regular site visits to ensure that the construction is as per design. He spends a lot of time with Builder to explain his design. He gives economical solution while selecting the Building Materials. He is a thorough Gentleman and can be fully trusted. Through trust, the Customer can get best out of him.

Srinivasan V., Scientist & Associate Director at LRDE

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