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Things we possess in our lives are extensions of our personality and life style, and one of the things which tops the list is building a house which suits our lifestyle and requirements. We are one of the satisfied client of Ashwin Architects.

They owned entire responsibility of our house construction. We are very happy the way our project is handled. Like many of us, decision of handing over the construction to an architect with our limitations never existed until we met Ashwin. With very sound technical knowledge Ashwin clarified all our doubts we had regarding the construction and he has been a great guide. The payment pattern was made very comfortable. As an arbitrator he makes sure there are no hassles to the project and smooth interaction between the client and the contractor. Quality of the construction has been maintained very well by their regular visits to the site.

Our ideas and requirements were well received and expertise of Ashwin has ensured project is on right track. There is no second thought in saying we have the best architect and definitely recommend to go with Ashwin Architect. I thank Ashwin and his team for all their support. Wish them all the success and look forward for future endeavors.

Arun Aravind, Manager, Business Process Re-engineering & Implementation, Thomas Cook
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We approached Ashwin, when we decided to construct our house, Ashwin with expertise has worked out plan, elevation, giving importance to all possible comforts with even minor detailing of all amenities, resulting a beautiful, comfortable, worth enjoying life living in such a house.

Ashwin helped us in identifying a sensible and trustworthy contractor, with this combination of good architect and contractor, we never felt any trouble, through out the construction period, we feel proud and happy to live in such a beautiful house, thanks to their efforts.

Ashwin is an able architect with good supporting team, I am sure that I will recommend him to any one who come across to me with an idea of constructing house, and we wish him all the very best.

Keshav Babu.M, National Sales Manager, Aluminium Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Professional, Quality Service
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We have engaged Ashwin Architects in the design of Interiors of our new flat @ Elita Promenade. We have experienced a professional, quality service from Ashwin & team whose experience, patience, design and listening skills have led to a superb design which is sympathetic to both its surroundings and our needs. In fact Ashwin’s work impressed me on multiple levels . He had an uncanny sense for what we were pondering but hadn’t said aloud , really listened effectively to what we were seeking, bought forward beautiful design ideas for our consideration and did it all in a timely manner and with excellent coordination.

We recommend Ashwin Architects unequivocally for those who seek architectural design advice and would hire them again in a heartbeat. Wishing the very best for their future endeavors.

Kiran Dutt, Vice President - LP, ABB Limited
Great Job Of House Design
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We entrusted designing and monitoring of the construction of our house at Jayanagar to Ashwin of M/s Ashwin Architects. We had earlier, among our family members, decided not to interfere in the designing of the house as we thought, an architect, as a professional, knows things better.

Ashwin has done a great job in designing the house. His design has aesthetic sense and lots of creativity/imagination has gone into the design and it is a mine of imagination and creativity. The trilogy of creativity, utility and execution has worked well in the house. Care has been taken to ensure more than adequate requirements for ventilation.. His concept of cross ventilation for the house requires a special mention as no artificial lighting of any kind is needed during day. Minute aspects in selection of materials, fittings both electrical and sanitary have been taken care to ensure grace and dignity of the house. There are many highlights in the house which need mention like, pooja, utility and the execution of semi open concept of the house which was expressed as a requirement was dealt brilliantly by the addition of a partition which separates living from kitchen and dining. The openness of the concept brings in added advantages like multiple entries into the kitchen and dinning giving a feel of openness to the area. The concept of landscape is a testimony to his creativity. The landscape is designed in an enclosure which has been raised from ground level by seven feet so that the plants which are grown will be at the same level as the flooring in first floor.This experiment, to my knowledge, is highly imaginative and uncommon which needs a certain level of courage to design and execute to perfection.

The entire house is built on a geometric concept which is very evident both in the front elevation and also in the interior of the house. This ability to maintain the geometric concept throughout the house while maintaining elegancy deserves applause. When it comes to kitchen and dining, the contemporary design with glass back panels and the open attached dining room along with the attached ‘L’ shaped balcony with huge French windows gives expansive majestic views of the neighborhood and is quite exquisite. Utility which is one of the most underrated areas normally in a house is quite big and comfortable to accommodate two washing sinks, washing stone, place for dishwasher and washing machine with plenty of room to spare. One of the bedrooms in the first floor has been designed a little differently with a narrow vertical window and two large french windows and a balcony. The unorthodox look of the room with added corners adds to the “je ne sais quoi” quality of the house.

Though the building took longer than we anticipated, Ashwin explained us that to design a creative building and then to execute the same (even the contractor has to understand and execute as per design) will take a longer time to finish as compared to a normal building. This during the construction was a little difficult to understand. However, as the building started taking shape, we were able to understand what Ashwin was saying. The house is south facing. As known there are many limitations for a south facing house with regards to elevation designing. The same has turned out magnificent which when seen for the first time gives an excellent indication of the designing surprises waiting inside the house.

Overall the house is worth living just because it is DIFFERENT. There is also something beyond looks that is grace, dignity and taste. We performed the housewarming on 29th March 2013. Invitees were dumbstruck the moment they saw the elevation and were even more amazed when they entered the house. They just could not but admire in awe.

P. V. Chandrashekar, Manager, State Bank of India

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