Designing Opulent Sky Villas For Bangalore

Designing Opulent Sky Villas For Bangalore
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For years, the real estate market of Bangalore has been a ‘trend-setter’ of sorts in the Asia Pacific region. Property investors have always been stunned by the sprawling growth in luxury architecture in Bangalore, and the growing number of residential abodes. And today, hot ‘sky villas’ are talk of the town.

Krishna's Villa In Bangalore

Concept Bedroom for Krishna's Villa In Bangalore

Demand For Sky Villa Designs in Various Formats

Sky Villas are the latest in duplex house offerings from the real estate developers in Bangalore. These villas give you a king style life with fantastic luxuries like 4 bedrooms, 2 floors, hot tub facilities, a private plunge pool and great view of greenery all around. The high-end real estate industry has gone out of its way to offer the best to its customers. However, sky villas are not just duplexes or penthouses, they are also seen in 2-3 floored giant structures with all the modern amenities.

“The average built up area in Bangalore ranges from 5576 to 11388 sq ft for each sky villa. Add-ons include scenic surroundings and strategic locations...Bangalore is able to combine the space and luxury of the NCR offerings and offer it at a much more competitive price than either Mumbai or NCR.”
-  Kirti Mehta, property consultant and adviser

What To Expect In A Sky Villa

Coming out fresh from the stars, Sky villas have something more to offer. Other than gardens, pools and large living spaces, sky villas bring to the table enormous luxury quotient, a few of them are listed below.

  1. Italian Marble Flooring
  2. Modular kitchen with chimney hub
  3. SS railing with Glass railing
  4. Indian Green Marble for staircase
  5. CP Fittings: Kohler or equivalent make in washrooms
  6. Showers having pressure-balancing valves
  7. Bathrooms with Storage water heaters
  8. Master bedroom equipped with Jacuzzi and Glass shower cubicle
  9. Living room and all bedrooms are offered the facility of Cellular phone & TV points
  10. 4 Passenger personal lifts
  11. FTTH-Fibre to the home telecom infrastructure that meets all requirements of communication, leisure, safety and computerization

High On Investment Return

Twin benefits of sky villas are the high rise majesty and uninterrupted privacy, something which buyers today in Bangalore and other metro cities are desperately seeking. Add to that high rates of appreciation and rental values that make such luxury houses pricey and valuable.

For numerous people who prefer living in bungalows, Sky villas thus provide a good option without having to bother about privacy and security issues. It’s obvious that one has to plan for a good sums to build one such villa in the sky, but the benefits far outnumber the cost. So a contemporarily designed sky villa sure becomes a feather in the cap for bankers, industrialists and well-heeled NRIs... To experience a life on top of the world. To re-discover peace in life at home with lush greenery and away from city dub-dub.

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