6 Reasons To Love Single-Story House Plans

6 Reasons To Love Single-Story House Plans
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A common conundrum for most homebuyers is – whether they should construct a single-story home, or go for a home with multiple levels. While each style offers its own benefits, here are few reasons why a single-story house plans might be just the best for your family.

Benefits of single level House Plans

Benefits of single level House Plans | Image : Freshome


Reasons to Own Single Story Homes

1. Perfect for Aged and Youngsters Alike

Senior citizens or older individuals rely on walkers or wheelchairs for mobility. For such people ascending and descending stairs is a struggle and an impossible obstacle. Not only for the elderly, negotiating strings of stairs can be a challenge for young children too.

Single story homes are hence perfect for for they allow freedom of movement at any age. They are also best for small children to avoid any accidents.

2. Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is generally easier with one story house plans. Even if you don’t mind climbing stairs, you’ll likely find it difficult to maintain the exterior of upper stories with multi-story homes. Whereas a single story house plan, makes all areas of your home accessible.

3. Single Story Home Plans: Augment Energy Efficiency

Cooling is much easier in a single story structure. Most contemporary single story house plans feature a central shared living area, surrounded by more private rooms. Hence, cool air naturally flows through such a design.

4. Plenty of Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plan for One Story Homes

Open Floor Plan for One Story Homes | Image: Homedsgn

Traditional boxed homes separated rooms with walls and resulted in more isolation. Present one story plans are planned to merge communal areas. Vaulted ceilings and expansive windows create a comfortable and beautiful space for family to congregate.

5. Easy to Expand Living Space

In contrast, a two-story home that requires structural analysis and careful planning for expansion, it becomes easy to add a deck or patio to a single story home plan (if space permits).  Single story house plans designs provide the ease of expanding outdoor living areas that imparts a strong indoor/outdoor connection.

6. Affordability

In contrast to two-story structures one story home plans are less costly to build and to maintain.

The Bottom Line...

Finally, a one level home plan can offer ample of advantages but it must be done with proper planning and by choosing the right design.

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