Honesty, Openness, Support… And 3 Bedroom Houses

Honesty, Openness, Support… And 3 Bedroom Houses
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How beautiful can a space be if there are too many people in it? Or how big should a home be to provide enough space and comfort for all, and the affordability? Or how much importance should you give, as an investor in a new home, to the benefits of honesty, openness, mutual support and freedom... while living with a larger family.


A 3bhk house offers good space for all inhabitants

Building Love And Relationship - Soulful Homes

Constraints of space and affordability have always troubled urban dwellers to negotiate and settle for smaller living spaces. But how does one accommodate for future growth in size of family and changing lifestyles...?

It’s not that small houses are bad; in fact, as cited in some of our earlier posts, they are more affordable and allow ease of maintenance too. But smaller the space, the more difficult if grows with passage of time, like the addition of family members, pets and lifestyle gadgets. In most cases, all of these new additions call for regular interaction and interactivity, so one may feel like living in a monk’s cell.

Homes with soul are made to build long lasting relationships of love and togetherness while allowing each member of the family his or her own space...

3 bedroom house plans with photos

Space optimization as seen in this 3 bedroom house

 Spacious 3BHK House Plans In Smaller Plots

In one of the recent projects, "The Haven House", the team at Ashwin Architects has beautifully carved out a 3 bedroom house with car parking space for two vehicles and an internal landscape garden within a 21"x27" plot size. You must view this post and the image gallery to gain better insights of this amazing project.

Narrow Lot House Plan

3BHK 3 Storied Urban Dwelling | Narrow Lot House Plans

3BHK 3 Storied Urban Dwelling | Narrow Lot House Plans4.3 (86.67%) 6 votes Did you ever notice a narrow lot house that has three bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen dining room, study space, landscaped garden, with parking space for two cars? And the plot size is just 21’ x 27’; or just about the size of a twin car garage. Continue Reading


Minimum Requirement Of 3 Bedroom House Plans Indian Style

Most people today go for smaller house plans, mostly so in the urban settings. And there are a few with growing families, like children in their teens or larger family sizes who opt for 3BHK houses or larger. So we tried to analyze the basic requirements of an average Indian family wanting to build a home in the city.

  1. The Living Room - A must, this space used to be compromised for a bedroom cum living room functionality. But if you are planning to use it as an entertainment room too, and accommodating flexible timings of various members of your family from multiple age groups, such a functionality may not be convenient for all in the long run. Hence having a separate living room is ideal and advisable.
  2. The kitchen - A space sacrosanct for the Indian family, the kitchen of today has morphed into a space for casual family discussions. So away goes the traditional look and in comes kitchen wall art with potted plants hanging along window side and lots of green! And there could be space enough for the lady of the house to cuddle up with her favorite book at one corner while the meal is getting ready!
  3. The Children's Bedrooms - Respecting the individuality of your children, a proper space for each one of them is of importance today. So if you have more than one child, keeping 2 bedrooms might be of best interest to you. Invariably, one of these rooms can be used for any guests or senior members of your family.
  4. The Master Bedroom - Probably one of the coolest places in the world for you, this is the room of your dreams. Wrapped in the colors of your liking, the master bedroom is your personal statement and the space of your art. It must be exactly that way you always expected it to be, the ultimate space to relax and unwind.
  5. The Other Spaces - Have you ever thought of having a small study in your home? And growing number of home investors are coming for new spaces like a small bar, a library under the staircase, a terrace garden with patio, and an extra bedroom! So if you have similar ideas, plan ahead.
3 bedroom house plans indian style

A 3 bedroom house with amazing terrace garden

In our drive for optimization of everything, from our time to our money, we have come to a stage where every square inch matters. This is the driving force behind the architecture and design of today's modern homes - they offer inhabitants a wide utility with great spaces for entertainment and access to the outside!

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