Why North Facing Plans Reign in India

Why North Facing Plans Reign in India
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Now-a-days, duplex house plans are in vogue due to the huge benefits they offer like - affordability, cash flow source, faster home equity and great rental for the future. However, these residential buildings can become more profitable, energy efficient and prosperous if planned according to proper orientation and cardinal direction.

Orientation of the building takes into account the summer and winter variations in the sun’s path as well as the direction and type of winds, such as cooling breezes.

Good orientation, combined with energy efficiency features, can reduce or even eliminate the need for cooling and thus result in lower energy bills, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved comfort.

Anoop's Duplex House In Bangalore by Ashwin Architects

Anoop's Duplex House In Bangalore by Ashwin Architects

Hence, many reputed architects recommend build structures keeping in mind the orientation for your climatic and regional conditions. This helps to maximize the site’s potential for passive heating and cooling, adjusting the focus on each to suit the climate. However, in India, North is one of the second best direction after East which is preferred while building a house. North facing house plans are in vogue as due to the following major merits.

North Facing House – What Vastu Shastra Says About It?

North is a zone of wealth God ‘Kubera’ who is responsible for all the finance and development in a house. As per vastu, the duplex house plans that are constructed facing the North are prosperous and successful as this direction symbolizes happiness, growth and success. Further, north facing house plans also take up attribute of leading planet for instance constant development, growth and change. Such plots are most sought-after areas succeeding the East facing sites. However, any discrepancy or wrong location of specific zone here in the North can contribute to negative repercussions and loss of wealth.

North - The Direction of Prosperity

North - The Direction of Prosperity | Image: Bigger Game Better World

In a nut shell, it is believed that duplex house plans, villa plans, office or commercial sites if built in the north facing direction brings in riches and pleasures in all way. However, one must ensure that North-east area must be open and there should be no toilet or kitchen in this space, as construction of toilet or kitchen here brings chronic health problems for women.

North Facing House are Green

A naturally light house plan is cheery, warm and inviting. A well lit house is also a fundamental component of green design. In addition, residing in a naturally lit duplex house plan help to keep its residents physically and emotionally healthy.

They also reduce the need to turn on electric lights during the day, cutting lighting energy consumption by 50 to 80%, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.

Naturally Lit yet Cool Rooms

North-facing Windows Admit Soft, Indirect Light

North-facing Windows Admit Soft, Indirect Light | Image: Low Energy Living

For hotter regions, placing the windows on the north can be a huge benefit. The northern side gets little direct sunshine, and the north wind is often the coldest. North-facing windows admit soft, indirect light with little glare or summer heat gain. However, during winters one can experience more cool breezes from this side. East and west-facing windows funnel in light in the morning and afternoon, respectively. This can cause glare. The western sun’s angle makes light hard to control, and its heat is weak in winter.

So now that you know the benefits of constructing a north facing house; why not give a thought to it while building your residence. However, a north facing home must be built under expert supervision and planned carefully as per vastu guidelines and other facts. An architect can surely help you in designing a best north facing house plan that is also compliant with construction standards.

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