New Technologies For 2 Storey Energy Efficient Houses

New Technologies For 2 Storey Energy Efficient Houses
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Living in a double storied house has many benefits such as offering more space to live in on same piece of land, or allowing for more privacy as your living areas and bedroom areas are in different floors, etc. Due to these benefits more and more families are choosing to live in independent two storey houses. However, the higher energy consumption of these houses does scare many families away. If you are among the people who want to live in a double storied house, and want tips to reduce energy consumption, than keep reading.

Making Double Storey Houses Energy Efficient

Construction Workers Installing Solar Panels on Double Storey house. Photo by Alex Snyder

Construction Workers Installing Solar Panels on Double Storey house. Photo by Alex Snyder

Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

These sensors are a smart way to save energy in your house and also offer plenty of convenience. Occupancy sensors automatically detect the presence of someone in a room and turn the lights on when entering, then off again when you leave the room. Vacancy sensors need you to manually turn on the light, but can turn off the lights automatically as you leave the room. Therefore, there is no chance of energy wastage, if someone forgets to turn off the light while leaving the room.

Using Solar Panels

You can always install solar panels in your two storey house and gain some extremely good benefits. Installing these panels generates electricity that you can use for running the heating and cooling systems of your home. Additionally, when you place these panels in the roof of your house, you protect your house from direct sun rays. This makes sure that your house is safe from the heating effects of sunlight, whilst also making use of this abundant energy source.

Double Gazed Windows

When you are making this kind of house then you must keep in mind the installation costs of double gazed windows. These windows are a great way to save energy in your house as the air space in these windows is filled with an inert gas, which provide energy conservation and insulation. Therefore, in summer time heat coming into your house is reduced and during winter heat going outside is minimized. This way you save the costs of running an air conditioner and room heating bills.

Adequate Insulation

Having proper insulation can prevent the chances of experiencing big temperature swings. This gives great energy efficiency to your house. Providing proper insulation is one of the most cost effective methods of gaining energy efficiency in your house. There are many materials like fiberglass, foam, and cellulose, which are used for providing the necessary insulation in your house. This way your house keeps the warmth inside during winter and heat outside during summer.

Automatic Drapes and Blinds

These drapes and blinds are an efficient way to conserve energy in your house. They are automated and thus they close when the temperature outside is hot and there are chances of it increasing the inside temperature of your house. Therefore, having automated blinds and drapes is important in a places like two storey houses, as it's time-consuming to manually operate blinds in such big houses.

By incorporating the new technology suggested above you can easily improve the energy efficiency of your double storey house. This would not only save your money, but would make your house an eco-friendly living space.

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