Multi Purpose Homes: Future Perfect Villa Plans

Multi Purpose Homes: Future Perfect Villa Plans
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Do you love to be surrounded by your kids, grand kids (as you age) and hope the coming generations will continue to live together? Architects have now come up with villa plan solutions that could offer just what answers your present need as well as address future requirements - A Multi-Generation Home!

What is A Multi-Generational Home?

A multi-generation home can look like an independent bungalow, or a duplex house or could be villa plans that usually include a dedicated room, or set of rooms, for all members of the family. It usually refers to two or more sets of adults living under the same roof. This style of houses can also come with in-law suites, or guest rooms.

As multi-gen homes feature a home within a home, they include separate bedrooms with baths, kitchens, laundry rooms, living spaces and separate entrances. The basic idea behind the construction is to offer private spaces as well as shared, common space for all generations.

Villa Plans India for Multi-Gen Homes

Multi-generational house plans have become extremely popular in the 21st century. There are many reasons why you must consider a multi-generational design. Primarily, parents move in to look after children and it also makes easier for the younger folks to look after ageing parents. Even the grandchildren come visit for extended periods.

Villa plans for multiple generations or with In-Law Suites include small kitchenettes and living room with private bathrooms to embrace independent living. Separated spaces are connected to the main house thus offering security while differentiating the house from a duplex house or multi-family home. Architects are also focusing and advising their clients to go for multi-generational use home due to its many benefits.

Growing Interest in Multi-generational Homes

Financial, security and health issues are few factors that has given rise to provide housing for an elderly parent or to combine households. This has been the leading contributor to the increase in demand for multi-generational housing. Years ago the older generation used to look after the youngest generation. This effectively brought a huge lifestyle change for the in house residents and neighbors. In addition, the added cost of construction a multi-generation home with more bedrooms, bathrooms is usually balanced by the comparative costs of assisted living care, childcare, rent, etc.

Learning this, homeowners are either adding rooms to create in-law units or are building new multi generational, multi-use dwellings that include in-law suites.

Flexibility and Affordability

Multi-generational housing is a future thought. It is best to start thinking of your future and that of your parents / in-laws. However, while planning an in-law suite, make sure it can flex to other purposes when it’s no longer needed. Perhaps, in future you may use it as a guest suite, a home office or a master room. Be careful not to design a space so specialized it would impair the home’s future resale value.

So, what do you think about finalizing villa plans with a multi-gen thought? Will it be beneficial? Please share your views with us...

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