New, Energy Efficient Modern House Plans

New, Energy Efficient Modern House Plans
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As architects, we are investing a lot of time and efforts in research and development of modern house plans that are energy efficient. Energy efficiency is not only to save our environment, but also to help save your wallet and make your home cool. Generating efficient energy doesn’t mean only heavy installations and costly solar panels; it can be done using simple and small things like turning off lights and electric appliances when not in use.

Check out the following tips for making your modern house plan, energy efficient.

Moder House Plans in Uttarahalli by Ashwin Architects.

Elevation Of A Modern House Built in Urban Locality

7 Tips For Making Modern House Plans Energy Efficient

  1. Insulate your House Properly

The use of high quality hollow cement blocks while construction of your house can help you control the temperature of house. The air trapped in the hollow spaces acts as an excellent insulator and prevents heating up of the building to a large extent.

  1. Use Terra-Cotta Tiles for Roofing

Terra-cotta tiles are very useful for better thermal performance of the roof. This helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature of house. Also it offers an attractive finish to  your house rooftop.

  1. Use SRI Paints on External Walls and Roof

Solar Reflective Index (SRI) paints are the heat reflective paints which reflect the sunlight from external walls and roofs. A roof painted with white SRI paint can reflect up to 90 % of sunlight while traditional dark roof reflects only about 20 % of sunlight.

"The Planning Commission says India has an energy-saving potential of 124 to 255 billion kWh (or units in simple terms). Per capita electricity consumption has skyrocketed from a mere 74 units in 1966 to the current 1,010 units per person annually." - The Hindu

  1. Incorporate Skylights to Improve Lighting

Using daylight using can cut your energy costs and consumption. And with increase in age, it requires 2-3 times more light to see; for example after the age of 60 we require 2-3 times more light than as we did in our twenties. Hence an electric venting skylight allows you to open the windows to get a natural air conditioner within few seconds.

  1. Replace your Old Lighting with LED Lighting

The LED lighting can save your energy consumption and cost up to 25% to 80% than the traditional incandescent lights. Also LED lights can last 3 to 25 times longer than others.

  1. Use of Solar Reflective Glasses

The solar reflective glasses help you control the interior temperature of your home. It reflects the heat coming from outdoors along with the sunlight. This allows you to keep the interior cooler in summer months without disturbing the natural light.

  1. Plant Trees in Front of your House

Large trees can create a natural deciduous shade during the most intense summer months.

These are some of the simple measures available which can cool your house significantly for as little as 5% increase over your regular cost of construction.

So take your first steps, keep your home cool as well as reduce your carbon footprint on an already, badly damaged Earth.

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