Modern House Design Inspirations for 2016

Modern House Design Inspirations for 2016
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Building a new house? Why not try something different that would add up to the curb appeal of your house as well as elevate its beauty. Collated here are some interesting modern house designs that may inspire you in your discussion with your architect for your new house plan.

Stunning Modern House Designs

Architect and Designer: Ashwin Architects


Hugely Popular Modern House Design

This aesthetically appealing bungalow designed by Ashwin Architects showcases a contemporary design trend in all respects. Starting from the form of the building to the development of interior spaces. A lot of steel was used to impart sleekness & modernity. The residence is well planned keeping in mind the spaciousness and lighting factors.

Designer: Kostya Entaltsev


Modern Apartment by Kostya Entaltsev | Image: Pinterest

Dreamy white and gray color-scape give that modern, sophisticated look. With vertical lines and subtle stripes throughout - from room dividers to light fixtures to wall paneling, it creats a beautiful theme. The floating stairs with glass balustrades just add up to the beauty.

Designer: Room 11 Architects


Dramatic House Design Room 11 Architects | Image: Pinterest

Who wouldn’t love such gabled roofs. The home’s dramatic ceiling defines its interiors making the decor more inviting. The natural wool blend carpets help to clearly outline the boundaries in the open-plan while softening the industrial appearance of the polished concrete floor in the kitchen, bathrooms, and entryway.

Designed by Kallweit Graham Architecture


Contemporary house by Kallweit Graham Architecture | Image: Pinterest

This contemporary home design is not only visually pleasing, it reflects the use of modern architectural materials - glass, concrete and wood in proportion. Inspired?

Designed by Rick Shean


Modern House Design by Rick Shean | Image: Pinterest

The house is a single family residence that reflects minimalist and modern house designs with amazing details. The home's smooth, sophisticated exterior has a strong vertical presence with a facade of white oiled cedar, natural cement board and galvalume. The cool white palette reflects simple minimalist interior design. The hue helps in bouncing natural light into every nook and corner thus, resulting in a bright space that seems larger than its square footage.

Oded & Elizabeth Tal Architects


Modern House by Oded & Elizabeth Tal Architects | Image: Pinterest

Separated by a massive glass-wall, the modern Mediterranean house is divided into a front and rear volume. The dining area gets abundant natural light. This curved roof home boasts ultra-modern furnishings, clean details and smooth finishes with plenty of light and vibrant details. A rear garden, pool and glamorously furnished outdoor entertaining areas are great for get together or spending the evening.

Designed by Craig Chevalier and Raven Inside Interior Design


Luxury Residence by Craig Chevalier and Raven | Image:

This is an amazing modern luxury residence. Offers four beautiful bedrooms and five bathrooms. Beside that you can find here impressive swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, game room and many more features. Got space, you can explore such amenities!

Designed by Interiors Design4


Residence by Interiors Design4 | Image: Facebook

Glass becomes a virtually indispensable element of every modern house design. From shelves, tables, sliding room divides and of course, the windows. Transparency, diversity of shapes and colors make it applicable in all styles of design. This irresistible decorative element makes every area special and visually spacious.

Designed by Shane D. Inman


Great Interiors by Shane D. Inman | Image: Houzz

This stuning room has a focal wall of marble placed on the diagonal and all-white furniture, making it aesthetically pleasing from every perspective. The master suite encompasses a king size bed, a mirrored wall, an all-marble bathroom. This inspires?

Designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects


Modest Single Storey Design Nico van der Meulen Architects

Had to share this modest single storey pitched roof residence that encapsulates luxury, comfort and functionality in a minimalist architectural setting. A framework of steel columns and beams surround the entrance while louvered planes conceal the four garages and floating roofs. A frameless glass pivot door welcomes you into a minimalist yet homely entrance hall. The traditional tiled roof is replaced with a floating flat roof that resulted in the living rooms being instantly illuminated with natural light. A small atrium off the kitchen allow morning light into the cooking area, and at night the door can be left open to cool down the house naturally during hot summer days. Large glass sliding doors add a dimension of spaciousness to this predominantly single storey house.

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