Geometric Modern House Designs That Excite

Geometric Modern House Designs That Excite
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Do you have an eye for modern house design? If you do, you would love this contemporary home with geometric influence in it. There’s something quite comforting and nostalgic about symmetrical architecture… it’s mathematical, it’s scientific, it’s timeless… In today’s world of complexity, aesthetic geometric patterns and architecture offer a simple and clean approach.

A Black & White House with Geometric Details in Architecture

A Black & White House with Geometric Details in Architecture | Credits: Surfingbird

Geometry: A Timeless Trend

Geometric art has been around forever. Right from the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the new World Trade Center tower in New York, people all over the world have produced simple symmetrical works of architecture. It is also not just a contemporary trend; it is one that has endured throughout history. The Ancient Greeks and Moroccans both used bold geometric patterns as part of their architectural and interior design and throughout the 1900’s angular structures and patterns were presented in different forms as the design styles adapted and changed.

Architects Use Geometry To Generate Interest

Architects and interior designers, they all rely on geometric principles to attract eyeballs. Architectural Geometry Architects use diverse patterns in designing buildings, combining various shapes, modifying a single shape, replicating a shape, and repeating combinations of shapes. Rectangles are found in most buildings. Curves and arcs are often used in architectural details, columns, windows, and as structural support elements. Triangles add variety and drama, lengthening lines, and are often found in roofs and window elements. Circles add interest and contrast from rigid rectangular shapes. They are often found in windows and decorative elements.

Geometry in interiors often conjures up images of bold bright patterns. However, it is much more than just prints. From textile design to tile design, these geometric beauties are giving the world of design a little edge. They add fresh and contemporary look to houses.

Add Geometry to your Home

Kaushik’s 40’x50′ Plot Size 3 Floor Residence | Ashwin Architects

Kaushik’s 40’x50′ Plot Size 3 Floor Modern House Design | Ashwin Architects

Below are few ways of putting geometry in interior design and architecture.

  1. Shape defines the style along with other elements like color palette, material and influence. Cube-shaped houses are very popular as they have a very simple appearance, minimalist façade and most of the times the large or over-sized windows to portray a simple mood and décor.
  1. Paint the walls of your house with bold and colorful geometric patterns. Adding wallpapers with geometric patterns of varying shapes and colors can enhance the charm of your dwelling.
Geometric Decoration for Homes

Geometric Decoration for Homes | Credits: interiorexteriorideas

  1. The above picture is inspired from geometric shapes that include round iron light fixture, the ornate black and white divider with a huge oval hole, to the furnishings. You can amalgamate circles, rectangles, squares and other structural elements in order to form an eclectic decor.
  1. Stainless steel and glass materials are used to give a unified geometric appearance to exteriors.
  1. Use Squares: Introduce squares to the room using tiles. While tiling is a great option, you can look for choices in wallpaper or paint squares on the wall. Rectangles are another popular choice to consider.
  1. Circles: Circles are more versatile in nature. The offer more stylish options that include wallpapers, dishes or even rings that ornament the wall. Choose large or small circular designs, or a mixture of both that works best in your case.
  1. Use Stripes: Vertical or horizontal stripes are a great addition to the room. Horizontal stripes will make the walls in the room of your home look wider, while the vertical ones will make the walls appear higher. However, one must be careful in choosing them as stripes are a strong design detail and needs to be balanced with the rest of the design of your home.
  1. Curves are added to break up traditional rectangular patterns. Spiral stairways might be added to replace the traditional straight staircases.
  1. Spice up the boring home office or even the old family room with symmetrical tiles and patterns. Bold hexagonal tiles in brilliant, dark colors or metallic glint offers a dazzling visual contrast. From bold red and brilliant blue to merry yellow and pleasing green, the choices will leave you greatly impressed.

Ashwin Architects are a team of passionate architects who are well versed in creating truly unique geometric-inspired pieces. If you are planning to design a perfect home with geometric influences, contact them to get a standout style.

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