Why Millennials Prefer Duplex Houses

Why Millennials Prefer Duplex Houses
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Ok, the secret is out! Millennials are increasingly preferring duplex houses to supplement their lifestyle with incremental rental income. With growing number of Bread & Breakfast portals coming up, having some extra space to lent out is now more attractive.

Duplex 2 story house

Modern 2 story house

Flexible Spaces In Duplex House Designs

A recent research conducted in the US by one of the leading providers of house plans, Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc., says that millennials are now seeking features like:

  1. Contemporary front elevations
  2. Transgenerational design
  3. Duplex units with separate identities

Anoop's Duplex House In Bangalore by Ashwin Architects
Back home, this trend applies to young couples and millennials in India too.

Contemporary Duplex House Plans For 30x40 or Larger Sites

The ideal duplex house design today comes in plot sizes that are 30x40 or larger. This is especially true when home owners want to add that incremental rental income that actually makes sense. An incremental income that truly can help them address their cost of home ownership as well as add to their retirement fund.

So in come specially designed guest suites to be listed on B&B sites like AirBnB and separate entrances that give independent looks to the two units.

Transgenerational Duplex House Plans Indian Style

Transgenerational designs originate from the need to make homes and living environments sync with long term lifestyle requirements. In other words, as a person travels from youth to old age, the house design should be able to accommodate and also be appealing to the widest possible age group of its inhabitants.

Increasingly, it is being found that millennials are seeking house designs that can accommodate such changing needs during all their living years. And what could be better than have a Duplex House Plan in Indian Style with transgenerational design.

As one of the leading architects in India, the firm is creating architectural designs that meet such needs of its clients, like house safety, comfort living, practical convenience, maximum long term usability, attention to ergonomics and accommodating structure.

Duplex House Designs - Triplex House Designs

Duplex House Designs - Triplex House Designs

Millennial Duplex House Meaning

As the economy strengthens its grip, young couples and millennials are increasingly looking for their own space. Little wonder, the demand for affordable and transgenerational house marketing is growing in leaps. And this young population is fast moving from rented spaces in the city, with little choice for affordable construction  to the suburbs where they can lead a better quality of life and make their own choice of home.

And in a home, they want provisions to care for aging parents, their growing family, or features like open layout for with extended spaces for guests and social dos.... that promise to last a lifetime.

Modern Duplex House Plans

The firm is bridging the gap with modern designs that help transitions across the multiple stages of one's life. Its modern house plans are designed keeping in perspective the widest possible differences in each individuals need for space and privacy. Differences that do not hinder, but are an advantage in helping residents pursue and active and independent life.

Are you looking for such a modern duplex house plan that will enable you and your family to accomplish daily activities without hindrance, following an independent lifestyle and yet have the option of generating incremental income form your property?

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