Why Villas are the Latest Trend in South

Why Villas are the Latest Trend in South
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Wake up with a sweet birdsong, go for morning walks in your own garden... dip in the blue pool for a bath... read the newspaper either on your beautiful terrace or in the sunroom... all these may sound like a dream today. However, such lifestyle can be a reality with contemporary villas.

mala villa

Modern House on 50x60 Plot

Modern Villas or independent homes come with all the perks of life! Structured living, refreshingly clean and open spaces, high-class lifestyle amenities that suffice your family’s needs, modern technological infrastructure with stunning internal and external amenities... all set to upgrade your living standard. Due to such characteristics the concept of villas is becoming popular in South India. Architects in Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai today are more busy in planning and crafting beautiful and opulent villa designs that every home-buyer has been longing for.


Villa Design - Categories

You can choose to design a villa in either of the classes

  • Economy: This is quite humble styled villa with basic roof design and little features.
  • Average: It is the most preferred style for Villa design. Average class villas consist of more architectural designs and rooms with stylish roofs. Independent houses in this category have extra features, upgraded kitchen,bathrooms and other characteristics.
  • Luxury: As the name suggests, such structures offer more complex, more custom designed home. It consists of luxurious architectural features and superior quality building materials. Imported marbles, high-end countertops, and such other opulent materials are used to elevate the beauty of these residences.
Luxury Bungalows – Contemporary Designs

Luxury Bungalows – Contemporary Designs

Advantages of Constructing a Villas in Bangalore

  1. Better Quality of Life
    The time taken to construct villas is far less than that is required for apartments. Moreover, looking from an owners point of view, the quality of life in a villa is far better compared to what it is in an apartment.
  1. Greater Degree of Freedom
    Resources such as water and land and other amenities are confined to the owner. An independent house provides you a greater degree of freedom. You enjoy the ability to design the house as per your wish. For instance, one can install solar panels and windmills to create an eco-friendly environment. Vertical gardens, green roofs, and other ozone-friendly techniques help a villa to stay cool throughout the year while elevating its resale value.
  1. Future Expansions
    You can always expand the space as per requirement in the future or simply go for future modification of exteriors as per the latest trends.
  1. Your Private Garden
    If you are a nature lover, go for landscaping or have a private garden and nurture your favourite pets.
  1. Privacy and Security

    One of the primary benefits of staying in a villa is the privacy. Villas are usually detached properties with private land and space, so guests can enjoy themselves without the crowds of shared pools and lounges, or the noise from neighbours. The privacy of villas allows you to step away from the crowds you may experience during your excursions and retreat into your own personal space, enjoying the peace and quiet.
    - Source: Africa Travel

    You have your own private den with less noise pollution. Now-a-days electronic security are installed to keep your home away from thefts.

  1. Income
    At the end, if you wish to make some additional income, one can develop higher floors and lease them out.

So, if you are thinking of building secure and peaceful residence in Bangalore, how about giving a thought to constructing a villa?

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