Latest Kitchen Design Parameters

Latest Kitchen Design Parameters
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A successful kitchen design is the one that incorporates space-planning and designing. To achieve such functional and adorning cooking area, it is recommended you hire a professional architect. Mentioned here are a few standard guidelines to develop the kitchen plan and design.


Kitchen Design Parameters | Image Credits: Furnishburnish


Guidelines to Construct a Contemporary Kitchen

Here are following things to consider while constructing your cooking space.

Determine a Plan

Most homeowners start with a wish list or a collection of inspirational images. However, space plans are all about the best layout that suits your house design. Consider different options - where the appliances will go? What's the best layout? Whether to go for an L-shape or a U-shape kitchen? and many more.


Chalk Out The Layout


Kitchen Layout Types | Image Credits: Blogspot

Figuring out a layout for kitchen can be quite tricky, because it determines how easy it's going to be to cook, eat and socialize in the kitchen. It will also dictate the placement of appliances, the cabinets, the counters, sinks, the windows and doors. If you're building a new home, you are fortunate to choose the design that works best for you and your family. Here are few types of layout to make your work just a little bit better.

  • Corridor Layout / Parallel Layout
    The corridor-style kitchenette design is often one not of choice of many. However, few homeowners do choose this layout because they think it best suits their needs. This style helps to save space, clusters the services together, promotes effective design and saves money.
  • L-shaped Layout
    With the increase in great rooms and open floor plans, L-shaped kitchens have become very popular. It can range in size from small to large. People who like to entertain guests or love mingling and conversation during dinner or party will surely appreciate such design.
  • U-shaped Layout
    A U-shaped layout is an efficient kitchen designed for one primary cook. This layout has one end closed off which keeps onlookers out of the main work area while remaining open to other rooms of the home and allowing traffic to pass. Small size is mostly a problem with traditional U-shaped cooking spaces. It doesn't offer more room for the placement of kitchen table and chairs.
  • Islands
    If you love to make your kitchenette self sufficient with storage, display, and functionality option, have a island. From mobile islands to seating area kitchen islands, having any one in your cooking area is an added bonus.

Choose The Kitchen Counter-top

Counter-tops aren't something that needs a change every five years. Hence, while choosing the countertop materials ensure that it is functional, durable yet unusual.

  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel
    is a hard working and easy to maintain material. It has a beautiful appearance with reflective qualities that makes it an especially good choice for many homes.
  • Concrete
    This is another durable option for a countertop. With varied options and looks, it provides a perfect work surface.
  • Zinc
    This option looks similar to stainless steel but it stains and dents easily.
  • Copper
    A copper countertop is a very pliable material and lends a warm glow to any kitchen.

Kitchen Design Styles & Colors


Kitchen Colour Designs | Image Credits: Faburous

When planning your kitchen colours, think about the whole room. You can even take inspiration from the nature around. Find a palette in your prized possessions or collections. A combination of colours in your favourite china pattern could inspire the whole room. You can even go monochromatic scheme by using the same colour but with different materials and textures. Consider painting or staining the room’s trim to match your cabinets and create a cohesive look.

Are your planning for your kitchen? Do leave your comments on your experiences, we'd love to read them and share with our readers.

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