Japanese Architecture In Urban House Designs

Japanese Architecture In Urban House Designs
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‘Simplicity’ in Japanese design has appealed people across cultures and borders. Here are few Japanese house designs that can be incorporated to open up your home to the wonders of Zen era. The infograph shows the following ancient Japan traditional techniques like -

  • Washi
  • Tokonoma
  • Soil or stucco plasterers.
  • Wooden framework
  • Garden with ponds and lanterns


Incorporate Japanese House Designs in Your Abode

Japanese house designs

Japanese house designs

Here are some tips by Bangalore Architects to turn your home into a Zen abode

1. Japanese Style Entry

The Japanese entry is called a ‘Genkan’. This is the area that greets visitors as well as a place where shoes are taken off. The entry is simple in design made from wooden elements and has a lot of natural lighting.

2. Open Space and Natural Lighting

Japanese homes are flooded with natural light bringing in serene views and colours of nature. Ashwin Architects in Bangalore suggest incorporating large, expansive windows and ceiling openings such as skylights in your house plan to brighten your home.

3. Flooring

Parquets in white, greyish or any light colours can be great. Resin floor finishing can also be extremely comfortable. However, if you choose a carpet, reinforce the cocooning sensation of the room by associating several carpets made of pure cotton. Stone tile flooring is also popular in these homes, especially the entryways.

4. Japanese Style Sliding Doors/Screens

An authentic Japanese screen called ‘Shoji’, is an essential design element in Japanese homes. Unlike doors, these Shoji’s slide back and forth, saving space. Although the authentic Japanese screens were usually made of fine translucent paper inside a  wooden frame. Modern versions of these screens are usually made of glass panels inside a wooden grid.

One of the best part of these doors are that, they do not block the natural light and views of nature. If you too want to incorporate tranquillity with vistas of nature, consider replacing a large expanse of wall with a glass-panelled sliding door.

5. Popular Colours in Japanese House Design

Japanese house designs are known to keep up the natural beauty of the outside world. They typically contain simple colours from nature. Predominant colours are browns and the greens i.e a simple neutral colour palette. To mimic this in your own interiors, one can incorporate wooden shelving or wall panels or add the grey-tones of stone flooring or bamboo floors. Paint the room in calming greens or browns or consider adding some live greenery.

Would you like to have a home designed in this style? To discuss your requirements contact Ashwin Architects in Bangalore today.

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