Incredible Green Products for Duplex House Plans

Incredible Green Products for Duplex House Plans
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Do you need to construct a house with some green building accessories that could help you save on electricity and water bills? And you don’t want to compromise on style and look of your interiors right? Then this article is for you...

There are lot of cutting edge things that are happening every day in the in green architecture. Some new technologies are coming in and many are getting outdated. Many smart home buyers have started demanding green duplex houses and a number of builders are actively creating a niche for themselves. Here is a short list of some of the best and brightest ideas:

Led Lighting:

Our compact fluorescent lamps which rarely live up to 10,000 hour life-spans, contain enough mercury, are hazardous waste and what not.. are becoming history. Now LEDs use a fraction of the energy of a CFL. last up to 50,000 hours, and don't contain mercury and can save upto 70% in lighting energy each year.

“LED lighting contributes to energy savings and sustainability by improving working conditions through deliberately directed light and lowering the energy needed to power lighting fixtures. LED lighting also dramatically lowers costs, an important asset for public building projects, by out-living previous solutions and lasting for many years beyond traditional lighting fixtures. In public building management changing LED fixtures happens far less often than usual traditional lighting”

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Dual-Flush Toilets:

New toilets come with a simple either-or button push that keeps half the water of a normal flush from going down the drain. This can be very important for today’s time when freshwater supplies are getting scarce.


Dual flush toilet retrofit kit | Image

“Caroma, the manufacturer of toilets, estimates that you can reduce your toilet's annual water usage by 80%. The average American uses more than 18 gallons of water for toilet flushing. With an 80% reduction, this amount is reduced to about 3.5 gallons, saving about 15 gallons per day, a dramatic decrease in water use and improvement in efficiency.”

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Super-Quiet Bath Fans

Who can forget the roar of the old bathroom fans? A lot of the new fans have lot to offer along with ITS quietness. Happy to say that you won’t even know they are running. They will turn your silent well wisher, keeping your bathroom ceiling and walls dry, and prevent molding and rotting. Following are its advantages:

  1. Super quiet operation
  2. ENERGY STAR® qualified
  3. Totally enclosed condenser motor for long life run.
  4. Trouble-free installation
  5. Rustproof paint treatment on galvanized housing
  6. Built-in damper to prevent back draft
  7. Contemporary grille design
  8. Thermal fuse protection
  9. Comes with Warranty
  10. Optional Designer Grille and Radiation Damper available for some model

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