Customizable Modern Duplex Houses – Good Options

Customizable Modern Duplex Houses – Good Options
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Modern Duplex House Designs - Customized Plans

Presently trending, duplex homes are in high demand as they can be designed in a number of ways. And thus, have become a natural choice for many people in India. Discuss your requirements with the architect, and you will be amazed at the various options possible. Duplex homes thus designed are not only affordable, they offer you the owner a control over layout, size of rooms and accessibility.

What You Can Expect From A Custom House Designer Builder

  • Will custom design to build on land you already owned
  • Will build a site-specific home that meet your family and lifestyle requirements
  • Such homes are single-family layouts and can be design to be high-end structures
  • Usually, as the owner, you get a variety of options to upgrade your house in the future
  • And you generally get custom building duplex house plans for all price points

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Anoop’s Duplex House In Bangalore

We present a few ideas for building a customized Duplex home.

  • Staircase - Stair case becomes the backbone of a Duplex Home. There are no set rules regarding the use of staircase. Hence, you can play around the staircase while designing the project. The staircase can be constructed from outside to intact the privacy of ground floor. On the other hand if both the floors are a part of the same house then the staircase is inside the house. You can go further by having more than one stair case.

Staircase - Independent Bungalow

  • View-Point - If your house is constructed at a special place then you can customize your house according to that place. For example there is a mountain or an ocean. First decide from where you can get a perfect view of the ocean or the mountain. Once you decide this special spot, your entire house is structured along with it. This special spot is the highlight of your home. You can have a huge window at this point or can have an open-dining area. The idea is to increase the beauty of your home using the natural settings.

Custom Views - Independent Houses

  • Your Requirements - In this type, you decide what the most important part of the house is. It can be the living room or the kitchen. This room is the center of your home. All other parts are designed around it and it is made sure that you enjoy your time in this room. Generally this place has the best decorations and designs. The theme of the house is based on this room.

Private Patio - Custom Houses

  • Simple and sound - In this type you won't find many fancy items or unique structures. These homes look like a ‘general’ and a ‘common’ duplex home. But the interesting part is, here there very few changes. They are customized but the natural beauty of the structure is kept intact. The decorations are simple yet look beautiful because of their aesthetic feel. The needs of the client are taken into considerations and the changes are made without harming the existing structures.

Leading Architects Bangalore: Get Free Quote & Take Free Site Visit | Call +91-9019377000 / +(91)-9845605777 to discuss your house design needs.

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Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient manner, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential & commercial spaces.

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