40×60, 4BHK, 3 Storied, Cohesive House Design

40×60, 4BHK, 3 Storied, Cohesive House Design
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Shivkumar's Residence

Project Fact File:

* 40’ x 60’ plot size,
* 6500 sft of built up area,
* 4 car garage,
* Lift & automated entry,
* Home theater & gym.

The design concept was based on “connectivity” and “ease of use”. Considering the multiple requirements such as four bedrooms, living, dining, kitchen, bar unit, music corner, home theater, etc., the number of floors required to accommodate these were 3. Hence, “connectivity” was an integral part of design to give a cohesive feel that is called “home”.

The cut-outs for visual connection (any part of the house is visible from any angle of the cut-out) forms the basis for the design.

Natural lighting is a key factor in improving the “livability” quotient. Strategically located windows, skylights, etc., enhance the daylights and reduces the dependence on electricity during the day. Till the fag end of the evening can pass before you need to switch on the electric lights.

Interspersed with these are the landscaped pieces. These small pieces of landscape are located such that they are visible from different parts of the house giving an impression that the house is surrounded by landscape on all sides. These soothing pieces of landscape gives a big relief in this “concrete jungle”. Drip irrigation ensures that maintaining the landscape will not be a chore.

A 4-car garage, home theater, gym & sit-out will take care of all the requirements of the family for the next 30 years.

The entire house is illuminated with the use of LED lights. The lights are of the exposed variety (to make maximum use of the light throw) but is of significantly lower wattage (so that they are easy on the eyes). This type of lighting can save more than 60% of electricity consumption(on the lighting aspect) Strategic location of lights improves the ambiance to a large extent.

Photographs by Shamanth Patil

Source: Facebook Photo Album

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