Front Elevation Of House Design India

Front Elevation Of House Design India
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Ashwin Architects is one of the leading architecture and design firms in India. The team has designed an impressive portfolio of 3d front elevation house designs in India. And as front elevation forms a very important part of the overall house design, the team takes all efforts to design the elevation as per clients requirement and holistic architectural feasibility.

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Modern Front Elevation of Houses in India


Glass facades are popular elements of front elevation of building designs. But now, a variety of glass designs are enriching front facades of houses. They provide multipurpose benefits like increased illumination from natural light, trendy looks, added decoration and last but not the least, Energy Savings.


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Ashwin Architects specializes in urban house planning, house designs and contemporary interiors for independent bungalows, small plot houses, duplex homes, south facing homes, residential complexes and apartments. See to decide for yourself!


Anand's residence - Contemporary Front Elevation Of House Design

Anand's residence - Contemporary Front Elevation Of House Design

Enhance Beauty Of Front Elevation In House Design

Here are some interesting points on how the front elevations in house designs can be made more attractive:


  1. Landscaping of your garden. This is an exciting activity that can completely transform the look of your garden as well as the front elevation of your house. Irrespective of space, landscaping of garden can be done in many ways. Like this garden is a step apart from others - Shane's Landscape design-conceptual by Ashwin Architects.
  2. Brick Wall Designs for Front Elevation. By joining bricks in different arrangements like English Bond, Rat Trap Bond or Flemish Bond, a different sort of finish can be given to exterior walls.
  3. Patios or open deck can be installed with Extendable Canopy or large umbrellas to keep away the scorching summer sun. The good thing here is you can change the umbrella or canopy in few years to give a fresh new look!
  4. An atrium can provide excellent blending of the house exteriors with its interiors. An excellent way to create cross ventilation, atrium as part of front elevations of house designs also provides space for shade loving plants. If you're looking to have an atrium installed you'll need to contact professionals like Fairclaims Roofing and Construction.
  5. Contemporary Verandas extending out of the front elevation and supported by attractive columns are another style you can explore. Such extended verandas can be excellent places for you to have a family barbecue in your garden even the summers.




Ashwin Architects is the name for Interior and Architectural services. The firm commenced its operations to “bridge the divide” between the buildings spaces emerging in the urban setup, and the peoples’ perception regarding that space. Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient manner, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential & commercial spaces. Please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Ananth with your queries on architecture, house plans, interior design and vastu compliant home designs.

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