1000Sft Duplexes, Too Little For Tomorrow?

1000Sft Duplexes, Too Little For Tomorrow?
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Larger homes are for everyone who lives in cramped spaces. So small 1000sft duplex house plans may not be able to accommodate the changing future needs if you are planning one. And what are the benefits to construct a larger home now? Let us learn something from Reenu and Susheel.

Keeping the future in mind, Reenu and Susheel, both 35, wanted to construct a bigger house. Like many homeowners who are looking forward to moving into a large home - the big question was “Whether it Makes Sense!”.

The couple decided to go for a duplex house, a beautiful twin house (1500 sq ft)in Bangalore. Since Reenu runs her own business from home, their new dwelling had a space for an office. In addition, as per their wish list - four bedrooms, a private backyard and enough room to entertain their large extended family with a guest bedroom was incorporated in the house plan.

Large duplex house for growing needs

Large duplex house for growing needs

Why Bigger Is Better?

Here are some of the benefits of investing in larger, say 1500 sq.ft duplex house.

The Location Advantage

For the couple, choosing a large duplex house plans in an upscale community had turned out to be a wonderful investment. They had this piece of land, and as constructing a house is likely to be the most important decision and investment, they had invested some time ago in the right location. Add to that, constructing a property that gels with the neighborhood helps earn attractive resale value. And, the duo never regretted their decision as their house is being appreciated much more.

Advantage, Resale Value

For Reenu, her house was the first investment and she thinks it is important to protect that funding - "If I choose to go for a small and low cost house with little regard for resale value, I might just find myself stuck... So, we thought it wiser to invest in something that will give us a decent return in the future."

Planning Ahead For Family Is Good

Duplex Plan Ahead | Image: Aarp

Plan Ahead | Image: Aarp

Most people think to settle in a smaller home in 20s or 30s and later think to upgrading to a larger house in their 40s. Some feel content to live in a modest house forever. But in case of Susheel and Reenu, the pair invested in this 4-bedroom duplex house before they had kids. They were simply planning ahead! The benefit would be that they don’t always have to move and settle again when their family size grew. Although they could have settled for something really small and at a lower budget, they feel they opted for value and achieved it.

Repair and Maintenance

As per most people, a bigger and newly constructed house is assumed to be a very expensive upkeep. They imagine that the utilities and maintenance must be insane. However, in case of this couple, the case was quite the opposite. Since it the house was all new, they hardly had any maintenance or repairs even after living there for over 5 years. The couple could save those expenses in the first few years of home ownership. They were able to build a cash reserve as the house aged and the repairs begin to come up.

Myths in Constructing a Big House

  • Some may argue about the larger initial outlay while constructing a bigger home. However, the property rate keeps on incrementing. In case of Reenu, 5 years back the price differential was pretty small. Currently, it has grown and the duplex now has far more appreciation.
  • Another assumption people have is about utility bills. It won’t be hard to say that many homes built today meet very strict energy efficiency standards. So, the electricity bills are minimum.
  • A newly constructed house will also keep you away from remodeling in near future. Because everything you choose will be brand new. Going for smaller house may end up with too much remodeling in the future.

Although a bigger and newer residence may seem not to be a smart decision today, taking a leaf out of the above couple's story, in the long run you can save a lot more money.

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