Top 3 Factors to Plan Your Dream house

Top 3 Factors to Plan Your Dream house
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Wish to design and construct a beautiful and peaceful abode? You need the best architects. But before that, here are some tips...

House Planing Parameters to Follow

Here are few house planning parameters by well-established architects in Bangalore that will help you craft a beautiful and a functional residence.


Choose a Floor Plan Based on your Design Style

As every homeowner has his own design style. Selecting a floor plan that meets your needs is essential. Whether you choose a traditional closed floor plan or a modern style open floor plan, think about the furnishings, decoration and other aspects when finalizing one.


Floor Plan by Ashwin Architects

There isn’t a perfect floor plan. Single-family homes will provide you more spaces to have an outdoor yard or a backyard. Multi-level or split-level floor plans will be simply energy efficient and help to lessen the entire footprint of your home. Design style may also depend on location and your priorities. Carefully weigh the pros and cons before finalizing a layout.

For instance, a large living room with a window wall will let in ample of natural light; but simultaneously make your cooling bills higher. Selecting an open and spacious layout may affect privacy. So, make your decision based the flow and functionality of your daily activities.

The House Design

House Design by Ashwin Architects

House Design by Ashwin Architects

Usually, two story house designs cost less as compared to single story homes. A two story house saves a large amount of money on roofing and foundation as compared to a single storey house.

Ashwin Architects are one of the well-known architects in Bangalore who are well versed in constructing duplex house plans. Duplexes are in vogue because they create a practical and beautiful abode to live in. They take up less space than a single storey home, thus maximizing your block space. Plus, a two storey house will leave you with much more backyard space for gardening or landscaping.

Future expansions are easy and a multi-storey dwelling provides more flexibility in terms of the layout. You have increased privacy due to separate rooms. Further, having the living room downstairs eliminates noise seepage. A double storey home will also allow you to maximize potential views of your neighborhood.

Shape of Home Design

Modern L-shaped house or U Shaped house plans are the most popular house designs.

L- Shaped House Plan

L- Shaped House Plan | Image Credits: Pinterest

Lshaped homes are chosen to maximize space as well as to expand the views of outdoor surrounding area. Usually, L-shaped homes are accompanied with roof overhangs to complement outdoor patio, shade of the house and protect the living space from the harsh sun.

U-shaped house plans require more land than the average single-family residence. However, these house designs impart a modern look and provide some great unique space for multi-purpose use. These luxurious house designs are best if you wish to impress your guests.

Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is an important factor while constructing a home. Taller ceilings allow better air circulation, bring in ample natural light and create an overall grand feeling. Such types of ceilings have always been a part of ancient dwellings and high-quality contemporary homes. However, a downside with such ceilings is that they can increase the cooling costs due to greater room volume.

Lower ceilings can drastically reduce the room volume. They can make certain rooms feel a bit cramped and stuffy. But an advantage of low ceilings is that they keep your cooling bills to the minimum.

So, keep in mind the above factors while planning your house and design an abode that reflects your taste, satisfies your needs and suits your lifestyle.

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