Modern Courtyard Design Ideas for Duplex Homes

Modern Courtyard Design Ideas for Duplex Homes
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Modern home landscaping often gets less attention as few people pay more attention to embellish their exteriors anymore than the front elevation. However, if you plan to ornament your exteriors with a patio, it could add up as a cool locale at your new home. It also helps to impart an adorable and sensational look to your residence. Here are some nice ideas and eye catching patio designs to give a complete look to your duplex home.

Ideas to Plan a Beautiful Courtyard

1. A Signature Style Fountain

Beautiful Fountain for a Courtyard

Beautiful Fountain for a Courtyard |


Exterior flora, stones and gravel, mini water blocks, water fountains, grassy patches can add up to compliment this signature style fountain in any kind of courtyard design.

2. Decking

Metal, Concrete, wood are some popular materials suggested by contemporary architects in modern landscaping. Although wood decking is common, the wood of choice is usually Ipe (a Brazilian hardwood with a rich colon).

3. Beyond Concrete: New Patio Ideas 

It is not always compulsory that Patios must be constructed only from cement or stone. Other building materials include - wood, natural slate, sandstone, brick, a wood composite, granite, and even porcelain. Consult your architect to know more varieties.

4. Patio Flooring: Trends in Concrete Patios

Although choices seem endless, concrete is the most common and surprisingly versatile patio flooring option for most duplex house plans. Ranging from wooden tile, wooden planks, concrete Pavers to artificial grass impart patio a divine look.

5. Patio Edging Options for Duplex House Plans

Patio Edging Options for Landscaping

Patio Edging Options for Landscaping

All patios should have edging. Edging is a barrier that keeps weeds at bay and protects the edges of the flooring. Bricks, gravel, cement blocks, stones are some of the edging materials. To add a splash of color you can use flower beds for edging. Concrete edging and color-stamped edging (concrete with texture and color) are currently in vogue.

6. Concrete Paint to Rescue

Forget that mundane, ho-hum concrete slab patio. Bring your outdoors into light with a relatively new product, concrete paint. It comes in a wide range of colors and adds interest and warmth to even old, cracked concrete. For instance, a concrete-slab patio in a gray and green checkerboard pattern or give your driveway a warm glow by painting it a deep umber.

7. Patio Lights: Provide Security and Atmosphere 

Solar Lighting for Patios

Solar Lighting for Patios | Repostudio

A bright standard-voltage light makes your patio more welcoming as well as helps to ward off possible intruders at night. Being low-voltage lights they provide soft illumination consume less electricity. You can also think of investing in energy efficient bulbs. Think smartly when planning to place lights. A path lights lead the way from a patio to a driveway, up lights can highlight landscape architectural features of your duplex House Plans where as specialty lights can add ambiance.

8. Time for Extras -Patio Furniture, Fireplaces and More 

Depending on your budget and space, there are endless options when it comes to outfit your patio. Consider a patio fireplace, a water fountain or an outdoor kitchen. Select furniture having non-rusting aluminium frames that resemble wood and wicker but are much more weather-friendly. Seat walls are currently in vogue.

Let the colors of your imagination flow out using your creativity. Make a grand impression with perfect blend of above ideas and set apart your patio design.

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