Cauvery Water Crisis: How It Affects Even NRIs.

Cauvery Water Crisis: How It Affects Even NRIs.
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Water scarcity. The cause of many wars in the past, and it is said that this will be the cause of new wars in the future.

In Bengaluru for instance, 1400 million litres of water per day (MLD) is required for industrial as well as domestic by approximately one crore Bangaloreans. Studies say, after considering leakages, this works out to 75 litres per capita per day (LPCD) for Bangaloreans; while the Government of India norm for metro cities is 150 LPCD. Clearly there is a huge mismatch between demand and supply of water from the Cauvery.

Drinking Water Scarcity - How It Affects Even NRIs
Drinking Water Scarcity - How It Affects Even NRIs | Freepik

So how does the Cauvery Water Crisis affect even NRIs.

NRI welfare is on the agenda for many political houses. Why?

For one, NRIs remit huge sums of money every year, that acts as a major economic boost. And then there are NRIs who are taking the route back to their motherland to invest in new businesses and projects. For both, here are two significant reasons why the Cauvery Water Crisis affects them.

1. Investments In Rainwater Harvesting For All Projects

The city gets an average annual rainfall of 900 mm. But the consumption is almost 3.5 times; from over 3 lakh borewells and whatever remains of the 200 out of the once 1000 lakes. And rainwater harvesting is done by only 44,000 houses of the 18 lakh residential properties in the city.
Going ahead, NRIs looking at investing in Karnataka or anywhere in South India, have to keep water conservation at top of their minds.

2. Investments In Tollywood And Bollywood

Film makers have suffered huge losses whenever Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have gone to war over the Cauvery Waters. For NRIs, who have invested in this industry, this is a cause of concern.
One report mentioned that the South Indian movies accounted for 70% of film revenues in India. And for the film-dom based in Chennai, Bengaluru, Kochi and Mangalore... this is a cause for concern.

Foreign Investments In Indian Film Industry

Already, Kannada releases Mungaru Male 2 and Golisoda have beared the brunt. Their releases have been postponed and ongoing film shootings in Karnataka have been suspended for some time.

Cauvery Water Crisis Affects Film Industry

This is the author’s personal view. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this topic; and so suggest rectifications or corrections, if found.

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