7 Points Over Coffee With Architects

7 Points Over Coffee With Architects
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Architectural services must be calculated as part of the project cost. You pay the ability to see diverse aspects of a project which include - the homeowner’s needs, cost, the material constraints, the schedule, and others. So hiring architects in Coimbatore or any place should save you time and money, streamline the construction process, and provide an accurate picture of how the project will turn out.

“Architects bring a global vision to the very complicated process of building”


Coffee with Architect

A good architect can see obstacles in your project you would never anticipate and provide easy solutions, you might never find. So, if you have decided to hire an architect in Coimbatore to design your building, here are few tips that will help make your meeting a successful one.

Selecting the Right Architects

While constructing your building you spend a great deal of time with the architect you choose as well as living and working in the space designed by them. So, take time to find the right pro for the job through Googling or spending time on Facebook and Houzz... or select one based on references.

Find a architecture and interior design expert with sensibilities similar to your own. See their portfolio of recent jobs or visit some of the finished projects to get a feel for the architect’s design sense. Ask how or why the has he decided on certain solutions, finishes, or schemes. As you will talk often and need to work your way through many issues, ensure that you can converse easily and understand one another readily.

Understanding the Pro

Take Expert Advice | Image Credits: Line Shape Space

Take Expert Advice | Image Credits: Line Shape Space

Architects are trained professionals who have spent years studying building codes, interior and exterior design process and more. They are hired for the wealth of knowledge they bring to the design table... so be willing to listen and take their expert advice. Being open to professional suggestions can make a smooth path to a successful project completion.

Project Planning with Architect

Project Planning with Architect

The Timeline for Your Project

A timeline will have to be established initially. Expect variations in this the timeline to accommodate great work in the end, but it is a lengthy process with lots of hops to jump through.

So if you have made up your mind to hire an expert allow yourself and your contractor to get enough time to accomplish the the job properly.

The Budget Planning Sessions

To avoid delays or confusion in between, plan your budget in the beginning. Discuss all the requirements and ask if he/she can work within those constraints. Have a clear idea about where you draw limits and how the project will be paid out. Have realistic expectations about the project schedule, as this can affect the budget.

Long Term Goals

Although you may be quite anxious to get a project completed, good architects will take the long-term into consideration. Every homeowner wants a sound home for the years to come rather than a house that is just filled with trendy ideas which may fizzle in the future.

As professional architects in Coimbatore, at Ashwin Architects, we advise clients to be open to new suggestions that might help your project today, and may increase the building value and flexibility for the future.

Change You Can Count On

Although initial conversations while hiring an architect may seem set, a pro will understand that many things can change along the way. Discuss how you’ll deal with changes contractually before work begins... and a good architect will always ask about changes in budget before changing plans.

Creating Lines Of Communication

Clear communication is the ultimate key to a successful project. Understanding acceptable times, creating a regular schedule for updates is essential to keep a project on track and reduce stress.

Dedication To Details say Architects in Coimbatore

Architects are generally creative minds, but also business oriented. Therefore the contracts will be full of details and the documentation. Once everything is in writing both the parties are secured to proceed with plans.

Have you recently hired an architect? Feel free to share your experiences.

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