[Lighting] Bedroom Interior Design Gallery & Tips

[Lighting] Bedroom Interior Design Gallery & Tips
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We are in the middle of 2017, and this may be a good time to reflect upon the beautiful bedroom interior designs by the professional team at Ashwin Architects.

Interior Design Gallery - Mid 2017

Bedroom Design | Interior Design Gallery - Mid 2017

Trendy Interior Design Gallery & Lighting Tips

Since 2003, when Ashwin Architects first started rendering architecture and interior design services in India, the home decor market has seem huge changes. A few design trends have stayed put while others have made way for new and more inspiring designs.

Taking a leaf out of the first blog on interior design published on 13th May 2012, we bring to you a roundup of the evolving designs from the project gallery.

Design of Home - The naturally lit bedroom saves energy bills

Interior Design of bedroom with natural lighting to save on energy bills

Your bedroom requires right planning for ambient lighting to create that cosy and comfortable space you always want...

Tip: Choosing the lighting style based on size of the room, the décor and bedroom furnishings you plan to have and focus more illumination for spaces that are going to be most commonly used... and any subdivisions.

Guest Room Interior Design Styles by Ashwin Architects

Elegant Guest Room Interior Design Styles

Tip: Your bedroom curtains and wall decor play a very critical function... that of creating the right ambiance. Here, the kind of lighting you are planning can turn out to be the match winner and one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to transform your bedroom space. And for that matter, even the guest bedroom!

Madhu's Bedroom Interior Design Style

Madhu's Bedroom Interior Design Style

Tip: Growing in popularity are the eco-friendly and attractive light-emitting diode (LED) lighting accessories. They now come in a variety of casings with highly innovative designs and attractive fittings to deck up your bedroom. These options can be used to illuminate fittings and darker corners of your bedroom like wardrobe interiors... to enhance the look and feel of your room.

Traditional Bedroom Interior with Natural Daylights

Traditional Bedroom Interior with Natural Daylights

Tip: Discuss with your architect and interior designer the different types of lighting that can decorate your room... be it soft lighting or the bright overhead lighting or warm lighting by your bedside.

Contrast Colors for Bedroom Interior Decor

Contrast Colors for Bedroom Interior Decor

Tip: The first impression of your bedroom depends on the smart combination of the colors that it reflects in sync with the natural lighting as well as artificial accessories. So set the mood of your room with the colors that suit your temperament to make your room warm, attractive and welcoming.

lighting for bedroom interiors

Lighting for small bedroom interiors

Small Or Big - Ambient Bedroom Interior Decor Is Important

You may have a grand master bedroom or a smaller one, but its important to have the best ambient lighting for your special space. Because for more than one reason, you are probably going to spend the longest time of a day at home in your bedroom.

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