Top 3 Concerns For Best Home Plans In India

Top 3 Concerns For Best Home Plans In India
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As architects in Bangalore, we believe that building a new home for you is like helping start a new life. It could be your shifting to a new home or building a new home from scratch. It's always exciting but expensive and hence a stressful process too. And because it involves quite a number of aspects like home location, architectural study, signing up good architectural design services, house plans, home loans, legal processing, civil engineering works, supervision of the home building process, interior decoration and decorating the premises.

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Independent house plans in India

So here are top 3 architecture and home plan concerns for buyers in India and maybe everywhere...

1. House plans India - Buying online would do.

A simple 3D design available online that allows you to doodle your dream home will not help more than that in your new home design. A good architect can help you in taking right decisions.

Involving a good architect reduces the risk of the structure collapsing and takes care of the legal angles too, viz. getting the building permit passed that requires home plans be approved by licensed architects.

A good architectural design will take into consideration the project brief like: site constraints, your budget, the climate, something called massing of the structure, zoning, the desired flow and last but not the least the Lifestyle characteristics of to be inhabitants.

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2. India Home Design by Architects: It's not expensive

In this economy, it might be unfortunate for new home buyers to think that architects are expensive. That they charge huge fees and work for fancy projects only. But you would be surprised to know that there are architects who handle a wide spectrum of projects, from new architecture design services to documentation services, to supervision services to interior design services and turnkey services. Some of them also like the challenge of small remodeling projects like modifying Chicken Coop to a Human Coupe.

The fees for an architect's consultancy are all over the place. Some charge based on a percentage cost of the construction, while some charge on a per square foot basis while others charge on an hourly basis. It all depends on the scope of the project and it would be nice if you meet a couple of them to see where they are. Most of them will like to discuss projects with prospective clients and might event do an initial consultation at no cost.

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Building Architecture and Home Plans India - by Ashwin Architects Bangalore

3. Home Plans India: Buy a house or build one from scratch?

Housing prices are going up by the day. Real estate has been the cause of economic boom in many cities...though the recent bust was in a way related to that. But one does wonder whether the cost of labor & materials have gone up that fast. This brings a prospective new home buyer in the market wonder: Is it cheaper to build a house than to buy a pre-existing one? Does anyone have the right answer?

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In the market you will find it difficult to find a home with exactly the layout & features that you want. But if you have a 'custom' set of requirements and good time in hand, starting from scratch might be the right way.

But in any case, recent home buyers or owners have been found to recommend that a good architect should be consulted even if it is to remodel an existing home. A good architect can help in taking the right decisions.

So if you know someone who planning to get a home built or buy one or remodel in Bangalore or India, you might like to discuss your requirements with M/S. Ashwin Architects.

Ashwin Architects is the name for Interior and Architectural services. The firm commenced its operations to "bridge the divide" between the buildings spaces emerging in the urban setup, and the peoples' perception regarding that space. Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient manner, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential & commercial spaces. Please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Ananth with your queries on architecture, house plans, interior design and vastu compliant home designs.

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