Changing Home Design Trends In South India

Changing Home Design Trends In South India
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Traditional house designs were such that they suited the local climate. They were built with available material in those areas, be it wood or rocks. But with the change in times, building materials and even the structures of these houses began to alter. Now, they are based on the principle of utilization of maximum space with minimum cost. The presence of ‘inner courtyards’ which were a typical feature of South Indian homes are rare... if not vanishing. And what is left behind are reminiscences of those traditional homes.

But new Indian house designs plans are now offering a ray of hope.

Modern Indian House Design

Modern Indian House Designs In South India

Tradition In Modern House Designs

There are many amongst us who keep reflecting on the past glory of their ancestral houses. But there is no need to  worry, as you can actually incorporate the traditional looks in your modern house with the right architectural design. And this can be done in many ways, be it in the interior or the exteriors.

  1. Intricately carved wooden doors or stone works and ornate wooden pillars can be incorporated in the design of a contemporary house to give it a traditional look.
  1. Bit of antique display, with traditional artifacts, can also strengthen this effect.
  1. Adhering to the earlier customs of a basil plant in front of your house and a ‘pujamuri’ can be implemented in the  minimum space available without compromising on its religious significance.

This and many more ways you can make your modern house have a traditional look and feel.

"Good designs come from the heart not the brain"
- Danny Sengers

Well Thought Indian House Designs

Well thought house designs, based on your liking, can convert your house into  your favorite abode. A space of your own that you would yearn to return back early from office and to enjoy the serenity of its being. A destination that you would enjoy to relax in, enjoy your weekends rather than the luxurious of resorts and hotels.

Discuss your traditional house design requirements with your architect to plan out a home  that gives you optimal comfort, both mentally as well as physically.

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