6 Little Home Upgrades To Make That Difference

6 Little Home Upgrades To Make That Difference
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English: Interior movable louver plantation sh...

English: Interior movable louver plantation shutters with open lovers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even the most beautiful homes can become outdated after several years, between entryways to window shutters, there are many aspects of a home that should be upgraded to ensure the property appears fresh and cozy. It will work to maintain the home's value, as well as create a welcoming environment.

1. Stain Cabinets

Cabinets often diminish in color and condition after several years, fading with time and often making an entire room appear outdated. Instead of spending thousands of moolah installing new cabinets, it's easier and more affordable to sand and stain the cabinets for a darker finish, or even repaint them with a pop of color.

2. New Door Stops

A floor mounted door stop

A floor mounted door stop that could be replaced for a fresh look(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doorstops often hide, but are still easy to see once the door is closed and can be used as either a great addition to the room with its functionality or an eyesore. Make an update with a new door stop for an affordable way to enhance the space with this tool that will be used to protect the surrounding walls, as well as the door.

3. New Doors

The door to any home is one of the main parts that visitors see when arriving, often the focal point that determines the style and condition of the home. Opt for painting the door a bold color that stands out, or installing a new one that has a beautiful window.

4. Add New Light Fixtures

Upgrades to your home -

Upgrades to your home - Image: Kandance

Light fixtures easily out-date a home with old styles that are impossible to hide. Install new fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom, or hallways for an easy way to upgrade the property and make it appear more modern.

5. Add a Bench to the Porch

Porches are prone to appear plain as many people are unsure of how to make it appear warm and inviting, besides using a few potted plants. Add some cozy patio furniture, as a swinging bench is most ideal and functional. It will also provide a way to enjoy outdoor seating for guests.

6. Apply Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a bold addition to any home, currently trending and easier to apply than in prior decades. It's a great choice for a small entryway, or even a bathroom, as it works to add plenty of decor to an otherwise bland space.

Wallpaper can even be added to one main wall of a living room, or even underneath cabinets in a kitchen, for a bit of detail that can complement the surrounding painted walls.

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