6 Advantages: Why Hire an Architect.

6 Advantages: Why Hire an Architect.
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Having an architect and interior designer in your team for you new home construction is crucial. So what are the benefits, you may ask?

Importance Of Architects for Your Dream House Design

Importance Of Architects for Your Dream House Design

Contrary to what people think, here are a few ways that architects add value to the design of your house.

1. Cost Factor Corrections.
First of all, the following myth has to be busted that a project costs 'x' and hiring an architect makes it 'x' + fees of architect. Many don't realize that architects can bring down the cost by as much as 'x'-20% also.

2. Improved Design And Efficiency.
An efficient design can actually reduce your total built-up area thereby directly reducing the cost of construction itself. Inefficient designs are usually cluttered with lot of passages, improper placement of rooms, no rational scale. However, contrary to popular opinion, it is not easy for a common man to identify these design flaws.

3. Tasteful Material Selection.
Planning is one thing; but to get the desired output, selection of materials play a major part. What looks good in the showroom may not look great in your home. On many occasions, people select expensive materials, but expensive need not translate into tasteful looks.

40’x50′ Plot Size 3 Floor Residence

40’x50′ Plot Size 3 Floor Residence 

4. Avoid Being Mislead By Discounts
A typical Indian is always attracted to discounts. What use is an item that has a high discount but functionally is not suitable for your house. Its like buying a luxury car with a great discount and then paying heavily towards fuel and maintenance.

5. Making Homes Beautiful
Architects play a big role in Incorporating simple ideas to your home. Like bringing in natural light and ventilation; creating focal points of interest in the house, landscaping, etc, All this can add value to your house, especially when you come home from a hard day's work.

6. Latest In Construction Techniques
And raw materials, the pros and cons, etc. They are best judged by an architect. Involving the architect till the end of the project can ensure that you do not deviate from the design intent or from the budget perspective.

From above contentions, you can see how architects can add value. While cost reductions show direct savings; getting that great design you have always dreamed of is priceless.

Before Engaging An Architect


Take Expert Advice | Image Credits: Line Shape Space

So before engaging an architect, meet at least 3-4 of them to understand who offers what services. See their designs and understand the budgeting of the building. Sometimes, people choose architects for wrong reasons such as proximity where you can meet him daily. Important to note that multiple meetings do not ensure a great project.

It takes a good architect to ensure that your house construction does not disturb your work / life balance!

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