Three Storey 40×50 Residence Design

Three Storey 40×50 Residence Design
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Everybody dreams of having a bigger and better house, perhaps a duplex, a mansion, a villa or something just one size up! It is because bigger (above 40x50 residence), independent houses have huge benefits to offer, and here are some of the practical reasons:

40x50 houses

40x50 houses

Advantages of 40x50 Residence

  • Space

    Spaciousness is one of the best thing about having a larger home. You have more rooms that have their specific function and can be designated as libraries, gym, music room or whatever you wish. With more rooms you can have a separate guest bedrooms and a bedroom for each of your kids. Everyone has their own private space. Another biggest advantage about living in a duplex, villa or such large residences is that it encourages a joint family concept that has been diminishing today.

  • Big Outdoors

    A bigger house can allow you to have big outside space. You have the experience of enjoying a larger garden area. Its your wish either to have beautiful plants, a vegetable garden, nurture pets, and more.

  • Roomy Floor Plans

    Larger floor plan means more room for stuff. In general, clutter is less of an issue when you can spread it out. You won’t feel cramped as there will be a proper place for every item in your independent home.

  • Home Offices | Rental Income

    A big house allow dedicated areas. If you love working from home or starting a home-based business a large house is a great idea. Huge houses can be run as a home-stays, bed and breakfast or can also be used for weddings, seminars and conferences. Make money from growing vegetables in your garden or keeping farm animals.

  • Greater Degree of Freedom and Exclusivity

    mala villa

    Mala's 50x60 Residence

    You are the boss of your house. Villas give you the ability to design the house or plan future modification of exteriors as per the latest trends and wishes. It allows flexibility in terms of space expansion or developing higher floors to make some additional income through rent. These high-end homes also offer the freedom to design a private pool, relax in your garden or to watch the sunsets from the balcony.

  • Faster Delivery

    The time taken to construct villas is far less than that is required for apartments. The approval process is also simpler for villa projects in contrast to multi-storeyed projects.

  • Quality of Living

    From the buyer's angle, the quality of life in a villa is far better compared to what it is in an apartment. Villas can install solar panels and windmills to create an Eco-friendly environment. Not to speak of security. You enjoy all the comforts of home with luxury in mind. Villas are a perfect setting for privacy, space and freedom. They are perfect spaces for families and friends get together. Just your loved ones on site!

  • Worth

    Owning a home is actually an investment that you basically live in. Also if you decide to construct a larger villa, you are likely to receive greater resale value in future.

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