30 X 40 House Plans | East Facing 2 Storey House

Looking for east facing 30 x 40 house plans? If you have an east facing plot of land to build your new house, you will naturally want to have the best house design that suits your location, an independent house, a duplex or some other style. And your search may narrow down to an east facing floor plans with customized architectural designs for your dream home. So what are you really looking for in a "best house plan" among all the options that you can get from architects? Here are some of the evaluation parameters that people rank house plans on:

  1. Number of doors and their facing
  2. Location of the kitchen, or Agni, the vedic god of fire
  3. The main entrance and its location vis-a-vis external roads
  4. Location of other spaces like living, dining, bedrooms, puja room
  5. Optimized planning for all spaces, internal and external

And that every space of the house plan should be inviting you!


Sample: Superior Residential 30x40 House Plans

In the Indian subcontinent, a house plan is considered incomplete if the science of Vastu is ignored. Because it is believed that vastushastra brings in peace and prosperity to a house, if it is designed according to the scientific reasons.

And while there are many people who do not believe in vastushastra and would like get their house plan designed as per their liking, the field remains open for debate. But the one important thing that a new home investor should expect from the house plan is compatibility to their personal requirements. Here is a sample 30x40 house plan for illustrative purpose.

30 x 40 House Plans - Ground Floor

30' X 40' East Facing House Plan - Ground Floor

30' X 40' East Facing House Plans - Ground Floor

First Floor - 30' X 40' East Facing House Plans

30' X 40' East Facing House Plan - 1st Floor

30' X 40' East Facing House Plans - 1st Floor

Custom Designed 30 x 40 East Facing House Plans

Why do new home investors look for customized house plans? Inspite of the fact that such custom designed homes may be more expensive than the standardized boxed homes. As mentioned above, making a home is mostly a once in lifetime activity for most people. And under such a situation, given the high cost and involvement associated with it, every house owner would desire to have a dream home  that is beautiful and as per their personal requirements. Features like,

  1. A living room with lofty perch
  2. A patio garden that can be extended into your living room
  3. State of art rainwater harvesting unit that feeds your gardens
  4. Aesthetically appealing clean energy systems to power your home

So if you have a piece if land, even its is small as 30x40, and you have the budget, it is advisable to go for custom designed house plans.

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