Interior Exterior Ideas From Poshest Homes

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When people first look at your house, it is the exterior design that they will first register. The home curb appeal is as important as designing your interiors because the first impression always matters. Creating a simple yet breathtaking house exterior isn’t easy, if planned well. So when planning the appearance of your villa or duplex or independent home, it is important to consider the neighborhood, the climate, and other influential factors. Browse through the collection of beautiful interior and exterior designs that can be incorporated in your villa plans and take note of what appeals to you. Draw umpteen number of impressions and build ahead!

Inspirations For New Villa Plans

I have listed here few beautiful snippets from modern home exterior and interior trends around the world. They can steal the show from any other house design and bring a breath of sophistication in any environment.

The Villa Entrance


A French Villa Entrance | Credits: Houzz

The use of stone veneer for external walls will enhance any home with style and elegance. These beautiful wall materials are used in most modern home designs to transform the look. Similarly, the picture below is a modern house villa with stone finish exteriors that creates a warm look.

Villa Entrance for Modern Homes Credits: Flashek

Villa Entrance for Modern Homes | Credits: Flashek

Breathtakingly Beautiful Stairs

This pic shows that how even something as mundane as stairs can be absolutely beautiful. Awesome staircase for traditional villa style that’s worth sharing with our readers!

How Can I Forget Beautiful Stairs | Credits: Pinterest

How Can I Forget Beautiful Stairs | Credits: Pinterest

Exterior Wall Design with Vertical Garden


Vertical Gardens can Make The Difference

Green plants elevate the beauty of any structure! Walls without greenery can appear very dreary and boring. Create an inviting and pleasant living spaces with small plants. Vertical gardens beautify architectural elements while enriching the air with oxygen.

Baroque Ceiling For Living Rooommms!

A striking ornamental ceiling. Add this beautiful baroque ceilings to your villa plans for a modern touch.

Baroque Ceiling for Modern Homes Credits : Home-designing

Baroque Ceiling for Modern Homes
Credits : Home-designing

Strikingly Handsome Lamp Posts For Exteriors

Lamp Post for Exteriors Credits: Battle-op

Lamp Post for Exteriors | Credits: Battle-op

Nothing refreshes the look of your home like new outdoor lighting fixtures. Lighting the porch, patio and landscape areas with such traditional and beautiful lamps can help make your home safer and more attractive. Simply brighten an entryway with a hanging design, add style to outside walls or ceilings, or use post lights to improve your driveway and garage areas.

Beveled Mirror Tiles

Stunning Mirror Backsplash | Credits: Bobedre

Stunning Mirror Backsplash | Credits: Bobedre

The mirror backsplash has become a popular trend in interiors. It’s a great way to add dimension and light to any room. Mirror tile backsplashes have other options such as: Solid, Random, Smoked mirror tiles, Beveled, Mosaic, Mirror tile etc.

Impress Guests With Canopy Beds In Guest Rooms

Canopy Beds for Impressive Guest Rooms |  Credits: Styleofdesign

Canopy Beds for Impressive Guest Rooms | Credits: Styleofdesign

Ornate canopy beds with inspiring carvings and design interpretations. This canopy beds with curtains keeps warmth in and noise out. These simple bed designs are seeing a revival in contemporary interior design. Your guests will simply love you for your hospitality!

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