4 Green Building Materials For Green Building Concept

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Green Building Concept in India

Green Building Concept in India

What is the best thing about green buildings?

Green buildings are ageless in the true sense!

Actually Green Homes or Eco-friendly houses are not a new concept. History is full of instances where ancient civilization used to get their residences lit by natural resources, besides capturing rainwater for irrigation. They used natural materials to the extent that their houses were heated and cooled without electricity!

Using non-toxic, healthy and organic materials like stone, mud, wood, grass etc. they built their homes. And in many regions across the world, people used large glass windows to light their homes without spending electricity and causing any harm to nature.

So Green Building Concept is creating structure and using processes that are mostly environmentally friendly. Where the rightful harnessing of large amounts of free energy ensure cutting down on serious wastage and helping maintain balance in surrounding environment.

Top Benefit of Green Building Concept – Energy Conservation For Living in the Future

Green Building Concepts can have tremendous benefits, both tangible and intangible.

Tangible benefits being:

  1. Energy savings upto 20 – 30 %
  2. Water savings upto 30 – 50%

Intangible benefits being:

  1. Enhanced air quality
  2. Excellent day lighting
  3. Health & well being of the occupants
  4. Conservation of scarce national resources
  5. Enhancement of marketability for the project / resale

It is indeed needless to further stress the benefits of taking advantage of renewable resources e.g. active solar, passive solar, photo-voltaic techniques and reduced consumption of man-made energy. Use of renewable energy through solar power, wind power, hydro power, or biomass can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the building.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED-INDIA) Green Building Rating System is a nationally and internationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings.

Looking for Green Building Materials for a Green Home? Click for Free Quote | Take 1/2-Day Guided Tour – Decide what’s Best for you!  Architecture & Interior Design | Construction Management

Mr Hemanth's Green Roof in Bangalore by Ashwin Architects Bangalore

Mr Hemanth’s Green Roof in Bangalore by Ashwin Architects Bangalore

Green Building Materials For Modern Green Buildings In India 

People are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental pollution that is threatening the existence of planet Earth. And accept the critical need to think of ways to be more eco-friendly.

And India is doing well in this aspect having the second-highest footprint of green buildings in the world. From a modest beginning of 20,000 square feet in 2001, the country now boasts of 1 billion square feet of green building area.

Here are few examples of eco friendly building materials in India that can help convert your building to a Green Eco-friendly structure:

  1. Tank less water heater
  2. Recycled material furniture
  3. Digital thermostat
  4. Geothermal heat pump
  5. LED lights and more…

Installing some of these can be most useful for energy efficiency and keeping your surrounding environment clean and cool. Moreover, passive solar lighting techniques too help take advantage of natural illumination for interiors, and so reduce reliance on artificial lighting systems.

And though LED lights are more expensive initially, they are truly eco friendly as they use little energy. Unlike compact fluorescent lamps, they do not contain mercury and can be disposed properly.

Good Read – Conscious Style Home: Eco-Friendly Living for the 21st Century

Best Green Building Concept is a Roundhouse

A roundhouse is simply a structure that has round exterior walls and a round roof, though some parts come together to a point instead of being perfectly rounded.

However, the exterior is green because there is actually less square footage to the walls because of the shape. And by using fewer materials, the house gets to become more Eco-friendly.

The less exposed surface area allows you to work with nature and not against it. Roundhouses are also designed in such a way to do very well in extreme weather, like wind storms. Because there is not ever a flat surface to build up pressure against, they are far more energy efficient and less drafty. They are also generally known for their expansive windows, which contribute by allowing in massive amounts of natural light. On top of all of that, they become quite attractive homes!

4 Green Building Materials For 21st Century Eco-Friendly Homes

  1. Recycled brickwork utilized in walls and concrete is a well-recognized benchmark for environment-friendly buildings / homes.
  2. Lead-free, non-toxic, protective coating paints for interiors and exteriors of homes are said to improve air circulation, ventilation and longevity.
  3. Solar panels save heavily on electricity expenses. Whether you have to cook food, heat water, power your fan or any other electrical equipment, solar panels can provide much-desired energy all around the year, for free.
  4. Planting of garden plants and trees and building rain gardens helps reduce rain-water wastage. It also helps replenishment of ground water.

Utilizing some or all of these Green Building Materials make for wonderful Green Building Concepts and your home or office incredibly Eco-friendly.


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Looking for Green Building Materials for a Green Home? Click for Free Quote | Take 1/2-Day Guided Tour – Decide what’s Best for you!  Architecture & Interior Design | Construction Management

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